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Posted by: aZnangel Jan 21 2013, 08:33 PM

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

GEM & Jenny Tseng Clearly Still on Bad Terms, Jenny: "She Apologized?"

The two singers of different generations Jenny Tseng (Yan Nei) and G.E.M. were still unable to break the ice at last night's RTHK Music Awards. The two said they didn't encounter each other at the awards, but it was said when Jenny was on the side of the stage waiting to walk out, GEM was standing nearby 10 steps away, but the two still acted like the other is invisible. No wonder Jenny continued to bash GEM on stage, "A singer should be self-cultivated. Don't act arrogant."

When Jenny accepted an interview, she was asked if saw GEM? Jenny said: "Nope. (GEM invited you to attend her concert, will you go?) If the time is right, why not!" Earlier, GEM apologized to Jenny via Weibo, but Jenny criticized: "Oh…..she apologized? (GEM explained on Weibo she saw you chatting with friends that day, so she didn't want to disturb you.) We were in the same line for a long time, I wasn't being interviewed, but that is the past and not a big deal. I don't understand why this issue has been so exaggerated, very surprising."

Jenny frankly expressed she just wanted everyone to learn and have self-cultivation on how to get along with others. Self-cultivation and good singing voice are the key to being a successful artist. She's just trying to 'put money in everyone's pockets' (give advice): "I didn't tell a single lie. I can't even say her three character Chinese name, there is no need to be directing towards anybody. I also have a concert soon, and I don't want people to think I'm trying to get publicity. I just hope you all go easy and help me, help others."

GEM expressed she was already mentally prepared and imagined if she were to see Jenny, would she say hi, shake her hand or give her a hug. However, she and Jenny never met backstage. Jenny disclosed that day, GEM actually had more than enough time to go greet her, but she didn't? GEM helplessly said: "In my memory, there wasn't this opportunity. (This time, you missed the opportunity to break the ice with this senior?) Leave it to nature, I feel very pressured!"

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