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Full Version: Koo Ming Wa & Maria Lai Covered in Tears Recalling their 2012's Happy & Sad Events
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Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Koo Ming Wa & Maria Lai Covered in Tears Recalling their 2012's Happy & Sad Events

Last night, TVB broadcasted My 2012 where So Gay (Koo Ming Wa) and Maria Lai (Leitao) shared their prosperous year. After many years of hard work, So Gay and Maria were finally able to 'bounce out'. The two ultimately ended up with tears covering their face due to their 2012 happy and sad events, very touching moments.

So Gay's father, wife and daughter were on the show to support him. So Gay recalls 20 years ago, he successfully won his wife's heart by playing Who Can Change (誰可改變) to her. His wife was his classmate at the HK Academy of Performing Arts. The two have been married for 17 years and have one daughter. When he mentioned his daughter suffered from a serious illness, at the time his wife remained strong, but he was the weak one. So Gay started tearing up as he told the story. Mrs. Koo (his wife) praised her husband for being a family-oriented man and she does not need to worry about him. So Gay became so emotional, he couldn't speak. He blamed himself for not being a good father or husband.

Maria became popular after hosting the talk show Telling Maria. She expressed she has never been popular before, and so she's very pleased to have this accomplishment. However, at the same time something extremely sad happened in her life. She expressed she and her boyfriend Max Cheung (TVB actor) ended their 9 year relationship and when Telling Maria was broadcasting, her brother passed away from a heart attack. She was heartbroken and cried as she spoke. Stephen Chow has known Maria for 30 years, during the interview with her, he said: "I told you are amazing, but you didn't believe me. Now you know I wasn't lying!"
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