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Full Version: 500 million dollars bicycle track a deathtrap
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Source:The Sun
Translated by: R.E.D @

Hong Kong government spent nearly $500 million HKD to build a bicycle track in Tse Wan Shan Park, Po Kong Village Road, the only one of its kind in Hong Kong. Not only its design lagged behind Asia by 10 years, and below world standard, it is also a death trap. Firstly, the bends are too sharp, making it impossible to stop at high speed. Secondly, there is no protective plastic guard along the track, instead, vertical iron bars were used. Thirdly, collision network is incomplete and missing and lastly there is a lack of supervision in the park, allowing riders to ride at high speed without wearing protection helmets.

Tse Wan Shan Park is very popular with the locals especially at the weekends. The park was officially open on 15 Jan last month, already attracted over 10,000 visitors. The elevated cycling track is 1 Km long, BMX cycling area has three different slopes. Some BMX experts pointed out that after trying on the slope, they feel its design is out dated.

"This track compares with other countries is way behind in its design, only achieved 70% in the International standard." Tang Chi Hang, BMX coach and former BMX representative for Hong Kong pointed out that a decade ago, Taiwan built a cycling track which reached the world standard, but the track in Po Kong Village Road stops at that level. He continued to say that the government should talk to the expert before building such track. Apart from the BMX track being below standard, the elevated section of the cycling track is a death trap. Many young children riding the bikes at high speed, when they could not stop in time, they bump onto the iron bar and get injured on their chests.

Hong Kong Cycling Association chairman Chan Chi Keung said they had suggested to the government to use plastic protective shield instead of vertical iron bars , but their suggestion was ignored by the department. Architectural Services Department spokesman said the track has been designed with reference to the international safety standards, and the track fence is also in line with relevant building regulations and has reached the safety requirements.

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