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Full Version: Man attempted suicide as he couldn't stand girl friend went out without him on New Year's eve
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Source:The Sun
Translated by: R.E.D @

A man couldn't stand being on his own on New Year's eve while his girl friend went out to celebrate with friends, when his girl friend returned home, he told her to go, saying "You go", and then climbed up the window and jumped down from the building. The girl friend tried to grab hold of him without success. He landed on the 2nd floor canopy before hitting the ground. He is in a critical condition.

22 year old in the name of Wong lives with his 21 year old girl friend Lee on the 3rd floor in a unit in MongKok Nelson Street. On New Year's eve, Lee went out to celebrate with friends without him, leaving him on his own at home. At around 3am when Lee came home appeared very cheerful, he was not very happy. A row broke out between them, and he suddenly lost control, saying "You go", and then turned round and climbed up the window to jump down. Lee was shocked, trying to grab hold of him but she was too late, Wong landed on the 2nd floor canopy before his body hit the ground. Lee was stunned, she called the emergency team straight away. Wong was taken to hospital and he is in a critical condition.

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