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Full Version: 5 girls gang raped by men they met on Facebook
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Source:The Sun
Translated by: R.E.D @

Five men have appeared in court yesterday for drugging and gang raping five underage girls whom they met on Facebook.

The five men are 20 years old student Lam Man Lung, 27 year old hair stylist Yeung Man Chung, 27 year old Hung Wing Fung (shop keeper's son), 26 years old Chung Tse Wor and 27 years old Yeung Kwong Fai, both are couriers. They were charged on 13 accounts for drugging and raping five 14 to 15 years old girls in January 2011.

Through a video clip, girl (X) described how she met Lam Man Lung on Facebook and agreed to meet him to get some free cinema tickets. She went with two other friends to meet Lam in Mongkok Langham Place. Lam arrived with another guy and he suggested they could watch the midnight show together. As they still have so much time, they could go for drinks first. The three girls followed them to Hung's "fat guy" flat and they started the game of stone, scissors, cloth. Those who lost the game had to drink Volka mixed with soda. One of the girls left at that time, leaving the two girls X and Y there. X said she was feeling dizzy, and was sick in the bedroom. Someone gave her a tablet, saying it's to help her to get better. She took three tablets but feeling more dizzy and kept vomiting. She was forced to have sex with "fat guy" in the bedroom. Afterwards, "fat guy" said he had to change the bed sheet, he pushed her out into the living room. She was then raped by Lam and Chung. When they finished, they shouted and asked Chung to take over the relay. The other girl Y was also raped by the gang. One of the guys threatened girl Y, saying that Lam knows a lot of senior police officers, who would not believe the girls story if the went to the police. The two girls left the flat in the early hours. They called the police after they left, Hung was arrested the next morning.

Despite their friend being arrested the next day, Lam invited another 15 year old girl (A) whom he met in the facebook to meet him in Mongkok. Girl A went with two other girls to meet him. Lam took them to Yeung's house, his two other accomplices arrived afterwards. The four guys used the same trick to drug the three girls and raped them. The girls called the police the next day. The four were arrested. The case continues.

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