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Full Version: [SG] Kit Chan - 陳潔儀
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English Name: Kit Chan
Chinese Name: 陳潔儀
Birthplace: Singapore
Birthdate: 15 September 1972
Horoscope: Virgo
Height: 164cm
Weight: 50kg

1993 Do Not Destroy The Harmony (EP) 不要傷了和气
1994 Heartache 心痛
1995 Cornered 逼得太紧
1996 Sadness 伤心
1996 Don’t Let Me Hate You 别让我恨你
1997 Revelation 揭晓 (Cantonese)
1998 Home 家 (Single)
1998 Dreams and Memories 有你愛过
1998 Too Deep In The Act 入戏太深
1999 Dazzling 炫耀
2000 That Day, That Night 那天那夜
2000 Best 最好 (Cantonese)
2000 Lola 萝拉
2001 Numbness 麻醉 (Cantonese)
2002 Like Kit 喜歡.潔儀.喜歡 (Compilation)
2002 Dreamscape 异想世界
2003 Understand 懂得
2004 East Toward Saturn 东弯土星

Forbidden City (2006)

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