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    "Rear Mirror" peaks at 31 PTS; Louisa So promises to get married if ratings break 40

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Aug 20 2014, 12:47 PM
    Source: on.cc / SingTao
    Translated and compiled by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    "Rear Mirror" peaks at 31 PTS; Louisa So promises to get married if ratings break 40

    "Rear Mirror" cast members Louisa So, Wayne Lai, Natalie Tong, Tony Hung and others appeared in Tseung Kwan O TVB City to celebrate Monday night's episode peaking at 31 points! Louisa revealed that once she received the news of the high rating, she was so happy and blurted out "I am very happy!" and expressed her hopes for the ratings to continue climbing up, to another number that will make her scream out loud.

    Speaking of Tony Hung showing up today in a cosplay costume as Asuka Langley Soryu to fulfill the promise he made if ratings are good, Louisa also added to the list: "If the ratings break 40, I'll get married immediately!", causing everyone to be surprised and congratulate Louisa. Louisa admitted that her boyfriend had proposed to her many times already, but when asked if she agreed or not, she did not respond and only said: "Hope the ratings break 40! Then you ecan ask whatever you want! (Happy event one after another?) Yes! Double happiness please!"

    Wayne Lai expressed that he is very happy about the drama passing 30 PTS, but he remained humble and said he believes the drama received good results because of his co-stars and the balance of the script was done well. Wayne also revealed that they may have a celebration party on the night of the finale: "If the results are good, I think it's great if we gather together!"

    About Louisa promising that she will get married if the ratings break 40 PTS, Wayne laughed and said if Louisa gets married, then he will treat a table of the Rear Mirror co-stars to congratulate Louisa. Natalie Tong also promised that if the ratings break 35 PTS, she will dress in her beer girl costume from the drama and show her "career line" to thank the audience for their support. Tony Hung agreed that then, he will play guitar and sing an English song and accompany Natalie showing her career line.

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    Jaycee Chan arrested in Beijing on drug charges

    Posted By:  R.E.D @ Aug 19 2014, 02:57 AM
    Source: BBC News Asia
    Youtube: Credit to Appledaily
    Edited by R.E.D @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

    Jaycee Chan, son of Jackie Chan has been arrested in Beijing on drug-related charges, Chinese state media say. Jaycee Chan, 31, and Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko, 23, were detained last Thursday, Beijing police said in a statement on their official microblog. Police said both men tested positive for marijuana, with more than 100 grams of the drug found at Jaycee's home. Their arrest comes amid an ongoing crackdown on drugs which has already netted several celebrity figures. Gao Hu, 40, who appeared in the 2011 Zhang Yimou film "The Flowers of War", was detained earlier this month for possession of marijuana and methamphetamines, state media said.

    In June, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for "forceful measures" to tackle illegal drug use. A government anti-drug advisor told the Associated Press news agency that Chinese celebrities were being targeted because of the "huge influence" their behaviour had on "their large numbers of fans". Beijing Municipal Anti-Drug Office deputy director Jin Zhihai however, said that police were not specifically targeting celebrities. "If there is an increased crackdown on drugs, the number of celebrity offenders will also rise," he told the Beijing Times on 14 August.

    Last week, 42 artist management agencies in Beijing signed an agreement with police pledging not to recruit celebrities with reported drug use problems. Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko are the latest celebrities to be netted in the high-profiled crackdown and Chinese actor Gao Hu was arrested in August for drug possession. Jaycee's father Jackie was named an official "Narcotics Control Ambassador" by Chinese police in 2009, had been put under "criminal detention" for the suspected crime of "providing a shelter for others to abuse drugs", Beijing police said. If convicted, Jaycee faces a maximum prison term of three years.

    Kai Ko, accused of consuming drugs, had received a two-week detention term, his management firm Star Ritz Productions said. "I feel very regretful, very sorry to all the people who support me. I've been a very bad example, I've made a very big mistake," he said in an interview broadcast on Chinese state television on Tuesday. Beijing police also said two other people, a 36-year-old assistant and a 33-year-old suspected dealer, were detained in the incident.

    Jaycee's management firm M'Stones International apologised on his behalf for the "social impact" caused and said they would "supervise his rehabilitation and help him return to the right path". According to SCMP, Jackie Chan has travelled to Beijing in a bid to help his son Jaycee, following his arrest on drugs charges.
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    "Black Heart White Soul" peaks at 31 PTS; Roger Kwok has great chance at TV King award

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Aug 16 2014, 06:23 AM
    Source: SingTao
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    "Black Heart White Soul" peaks at 31 PTS; Roger Kwok has great chance at TV King award

    Thursday night's episode of TVB drama "Black Heart White Soul" had good ratings, averaging 29 PTS and peaking at 31 PTS, great success compared to recent dramas. Coincidentally, the drama had a promotional event at Tseung Kwan O Metrocity Plaza yesterday. Main leads Roger Kwok, Ron Ng and Kristal Tin expressed their excitement for the high ratings. Roger expressed that the cast and crew will have a dinner to celebrate soon, and even said he will be expecting Ron Ng and Kristal Tin to pay the bill! But Kristal objected: "I'm expecting Roger to treat us! His performance is so outstanding, we must celebrate ahead of time for his award!"

    Roger honestly expressed that he hopes the whole drama can average over 30 PTS, because TVB will treat the cast and crew to dinner if that happens. He said: "I want to eat our company treated dinner at least once a year! I haven't gotten to do that yet this year!" He also praised both the on screen and behind the scene cast and crew, especially the background music! He laughed: "When I hear the instrumental background music now, I have the urge to do evil things."

    Asked if he has confidence at the TV King award at this year's award ceremony? "The other strong dramas are coming out in the second half of the year. I just hope all the dramas can have good ratings, then that will prove that our drama productions in Hong Kong have quality."

    Chapman To jealous of wife getting kissed

    Ron Ng and Kristal Tin expressed they are very ecstatic about the drama peaking at 31 PTS. Ron said: "31 PTS is already very high! Technology is so advanced now, the audience doesn't need to stay sitting in front of the TV to watch anymore, they can watch online anytime now." Kristal revealed that husband, Chapman To, is quite engrossed watching "Black Heart White Soul", which is rare. She laughed: "He said, 'Do you really need to kiss Roger all the time?' and also said that Roger is evil and harming me, what if I find out out...he's turned into 'see lai' Chapman!"
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    The 16 contestants of the 2014 Miss Hong Kong Pageant finally revealed

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Aug 16 2014, 05:51 AM
    Source: UDN / Sina HK
    Translated and compiled by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    The 16 contestants of the 2014 Miss Hong Kong Pageant finally revealed

    "2014 Miss Hong Kong Pageant" 16 contestants have finally been exposed. No. 14 Fiona Fung and No. 16 Mandy Man are actually from notable model companies; Fiona is Lynn Hung's junior, and Mandy is Patina Lin's junior, also filmed a commercial with Cantopop queen Joey Yung before. Four of the contestants have had prior pageant experience: No. 15 Veronica Shin was the 2012 first runner-up in the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, and No. 2 Rosina Tang was the 2011 first runner-up in the Miss Sydney Chinese Pageant. No. 8 Jamie Lee competed in Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2011, while No. 9 Erin Wong has competed in Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant 2011. The quality of this year's contestants are quite decent, and most of them have university education. No. 9 Erin Wong and No.15 Fiona Fung are even Masters graduates.

    23 year old Fiona Fung (No. 14) was already a model when she studying, under the same model agency as Lynn Hung. Other than filming quite a few big brand commercials, she also cooperated with Cantopop queen Joey Yung in a commercial before. Fiona's secondary school is the prestigious Marymount Secondary School; afterwards she went to Keele University in England with a scholarship, and even completed a Masters degree in Law. After working as a lawyer for a year there, she returned to Hong Kong, planning to get a Hong Kong lawyer permit to work in HK.

    "Built-up Sharon Chan" Mandy Man (No. 16) is also from the modeling industry. She even went to Taiwan to work with Eelin Model Agency, and was Patina Lin's junior. Mandy originally worked as an OL in Hong Kong, but resigned because she got tired of office work, so she went to Taiwan to compete in a modelling competition. Although she did not win, an executive of the model agency had a good impression of her, and told her to lose 5 kg then they will hire her. Afterwards, Mandy returned to Hong Kong and lost 10 kg, and was eventually hired.

    No. 7 Katherine Ho is a HKU student studying law. Asked why she is interested in competing in a pageant although she is studying law? She said: "It's been my ambition to compete in Miss Hong Kong Pageant since young."

    Becaused of personal reasons, Yeung Ching who was originally contestant No. 10, dropped out of the contest; therefore Jessica Hung replaced her. Jessica stated that she won't be unhappy about being a back up. No. 9 Erin Wong was rumoured that she and her mom are greedy for money and try to meet rich men. There were also negative news surrounding her personality, as someone who is arrogant, and had poor grades in school. She denied all the rumours. There was also controversy on her eligibility to participate in the pageant, as she is born in Guangzhou. She explained that she had already gotten her Hong Kong ID in 2010. Although, she doesn't have three stars, but she is still eligible with an HKID. No. 13 Crystal Wong admitted that she has been on a Mainland dating show, but couldn't find someone suitable. A photo of No. 5 CK Leung doing a hot dance with a man touching her thigh was also recently leaked (see spoiler).

    The "2014 Miss Hong Kong Pageant" semi-final will be held on August 24th, and the final will be held on August 31st.

    Additional Photos:

    No. 15 Fiona Fung

    No. 16 Mandy Man

    No. 1 Jan Tse

    No. 5 CK Leung's leaked photo

    2014 Miss Hong Kong Pageant Top 16 Swimwear Photos:

    More photos on TVB.com
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