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    Kate Tsui will not renew contract with TVB for the time being

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Yesterday, 07:10 PM
    Source: MingPao / The Sun
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Kate Tsui will not renew contract with TVB for the time being

    In recent years, TVB Siu Sangs and Fa Dans have been lining up to leave the company. Following Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu and Joey Meng's decision to leave TVB, yesterday at a ramen event, Kate Tsui personally admitted that she will not renew her contract with TVB yet and will soon become "free". Kate Tsui has worked with TVB for 11 years, and every year she brushes past the chance of getting the TV Queen award. Yesterday, when Kate attended a ramen event in Causeway Bay, she admitted that her contract is ending soon, but not this October like the rumours have been saying: "Soon!". She did not reveal when exactly her contract will end. She said: "Actually, I have not decided yet, but the contract will end in a short period of time. The company has discussed with me before (about the new contract), but right now, I am learning jewelry design, so I want to stop for a bit and think about my future direction. Actually, a few companies have invited me to work with them, but still discussing. I haven't made any decisions. Right now, I want to focus on what I am learning. If there is any news, I will announce it."

    Asked if her decision to leave has to do with the drama quality nowadays? Kate replied: "Not at all. I've filmed a lot of good dramas before. TVB has given me a lot of job opportunities. All these years, it's been the dramas that let everyone know who I am. I will wait until my contract ends, then quiet down to think about my direction before I make a decision."

    Nothing to do with awards: "Awards aren't everything"

    11 years of filming dramas, Kate had been nominated for "Best Actress" in the TVB Anniversary Awards many times. However, everytime was a disappointment. In addition, in the past few years, newcomers such as Grace Chan, Sisley Choi, Moon Lau, etc have been heavily promoted and favoured by the company, causing Kate and other Fa Dans like Linda Chung to be treated "coldly". Kate Tsui denied being dispirited because of this: "Nothing to do with that. Awards aren't everything. I've also been filming movies. I just think it's time to grow, and try different types of jobs. I don't feel I'm being neglected. TVB and I had come to a consensus of reducing my drama load early on. Don't want to be so busy to the point that I have no time to rest."

    Stop jobs to focus on jewelry design course

    This year, Kate Tsui's only drama to broadcast was "Smooth Talker". Now that she has announced she will be leaving, it seems like the TV Queen award is hopeless once again. She emphasized again that she has never really look heavily upon awards; leaving the company is her own decision, so she will not compare with Myolie Wu. Asked if she wants to get married? She laughed saying marriage is far down her list, so she is not in a hurry. Right now, she wants to focus on her jewelry design course, so she has temporarily decided to stop her jobs for a while.
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    Vincent Wong feels pressure being first male lead for the first time in upcoming drama "Brick Slaves"

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Jul 30 2015, 08:56 PM
    Source: The Sun / on.cc / MingPao
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Vincent Wong feels pressure being first male lead for the first time in upcoming drama "Brick Slaves"

    Vincent Wong, Selena Lee, Eliza Sam, etc. attended promotional event for TVB's upcoming drama "Brick Slaves" in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday. Female lead, Selena Lee denied the rumours of diminishing her workload to prepare for marriage. She laughed: "All the reports of me diminishing my drama load to wait for marriage are fake! I only film one to two dramas for TVB every year already. If I diminish anymore, I won't have any work left! Don't listen to the rumours!" She also expressed that she went to Singapore to film an English sitcom earlier this year, and greatly praised the environment there: "There's a driver for going to work and leaving work! The food there is good! (Considered immigrating there?) Haven't thought about it. The food is too good! After I came back, I gained weight up to 56kg! Need to exercise more now."

    Haven't thought of marriage

    About her gaining weight, does her boyfriend care? Selena stated that thankfully, her face is slim, so it is not too obvious. She also expressed that she hasn't thought of marriage yet, and wants to focus on her career recently: "These few years I have the motivation to focus on my career. So don't listen to the rumours! Don't diminish my load, I want to increase it!" Selena, who already has property in Hong Kong, admitted that she hopes to move or buy another property, and believes that the Hong Kong real estate market won't drop too dramatically. As for whether she and her boyfriend will buy property together? She replied: "I'll do it myself, the feeling of accomplishment is bigger."

    Myolie Wu's boyfriend Phil has had rumours with her before, asked if she heard of the two's marriage news? She said: "Never heard about marriage, but I know they are together. They are both my good friends, I am very happy for them! They are a match made in heaven! Phil and I were only rumours, so don't pull me, a nobody, inside (their news)! Give them some space and let them be happy. "

    Pressure first time being male lead

    As for Vincent Wong, this drama is his first time being the first male lead. He admitted that he has some pressure and is quite nervous, worried that the audience won't accept (him). Asked if his three year old daughter can recognize him on television? He said: "She saw the promotional clips and said: 'That looks so much like Daddy!' Then Yoyo told her: 'It is Daddy!'" As for Eliza Sam, although she hasn't bought any property yet, but her target is to buy property in both Canada and Hong Kong. She said: "Hope to buy a three bedroom; one for clothes, and another for my family. The air needs to be good too!"

    Brick Slaves will be airing this coming Monday, August 3rd at 8:30pm. The drama stars Vincent Wong, Selena Lee, Eliza Sam, Evergreen Mak, Rachel Kan, Toby Chan, C-Kwan@FAMA, Matthew Ho. The drama revolves around the real estate market and the tough time Hong Kong citizens have with housing due to high property costs.
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    TVB Ratings Report (07/20/2015 - 07/26/2015)

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Jul 30 2015, 08:26 PM
    Source: Wacow @ Blog163
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net

    TVB Ratings Report (07/20/2015 - 07/26/2015)

    Ghost of Relativity - 鬼同你OT (EPS 8-12) - 27 PTS (Peaking at 29 PTS) *MONDAY TO FRIDAY EPISODES

    Master of Destiny - 風雲天地 (EPS 21-25) - 23 PTS

    Come Home Love - 愛.回家 (EPS 815-819) - 23 PTS

    Weekend Episodes
    Ghost of Relativity - 鬼同你OT (EP 14) - 26 PTS *AIRED ON SUNDAY

    Ghost of Relativity - 鬼同你OT (EP 13) - 22 PTS *AIRED ON SATURDAY

    Variety Shows
    Sunday Songbird - SUNDAY靚聲王 - 21 PTS

    The Million Dollar Minute - 超強選擇1分鐘 - 20 PTS (Peaking at 23 PTS)

    Neighbourhood Gourmet 3 - 街坊廚神舌戰新台韓 - 20 PTS

    Eating Well with Madam Wong 2 - 吾淑吾食 - 20 PTS

    Scoop - 東張西望 - 18 PTS

    Sze You Tonight - 今晚睇李 - 18 PTS

    (Nielsen TAM: 1 point represents 64,920 viewers)
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    Myolie Wu's contract with TVB officially ended; Opening a wedding dress shop next month?

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Jul 25 2015, 08:08 PM
    Source: The Sun
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Myolie Wu's contract with TVB officially ended; Opening a wedding dress shop next month?

    Myolie Wu's contract with TVB has officially ended, after 16 years of working with the company. In 1999, Myolie Wu won second runner up in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant and officially entered the entertainment industry. That was 16 years ago. In the past year, there have been rumours that she will not renew her contract after the contract ends this year, and there was also news reporting that she will sign a 3 year contract with Stephen Shiu for 20 million. At the same time, there are also rumours that she will get married with her finance professional boyfriend, Phil at the end of the year.

    According to sources, Myolie has a thought out plan already. After her contract with TVB ends, she will open a wedding dress shop in Tsim Sha Tsui next month to experience being a "boss". At the same time, this will help her prepare for the "rumoured" marriage at the end of the year.

    About becoming a boss soon, Myolie replied through SMS: "Sorry, nothing to announce for now. (Won't renew contract with TVB and sign contract with Stephen Shiu instead?) Sorry everyone, my contract has indeed ended. My emotions are very complicated right now, and I miss it. However, I have nothing I can announce for now. Because the Mainland drama (I'm filming) is ending soon, so I will see everyone when I return to Hong Kong. Thank you for your concern." She also posted on her social media account: "Back to Reality." According to sources, she will return to Hong Kong at the end of the month.

    Virginia Lok has confidence to keep Myolie

    About the rumours of Myolie singing under Stephen Shiu, Stephen replied: "At this moment, I have nothing I can say. Everything will be known at the suitable timing." TVB's Virginia Lok expressed: "It's not officially until she says it. Actually, TVB and Shaw Brothers produce movies also! But it is true that a few companies are talking with her, TVB is one of them. We've cooperated with Myolie for so many years, so we are concerned about what her future plans are. Female artistes have to marry eventually, she met a good boyfriend at the right timing. (Contract renewal?) Friends want to give her space to consider, I also set a date to discuss with her (about it), I have confidence."

    Earlier, Myolie accepted an interview from Mainland China media, and expressed that she will go through a big change this year. She hopes to slow down her lifestyle and explore the outside world and relax. She also stated that she has reached a stage where she wants to experience different things, so she will not renew her contract for now. She thanks all the producers that have helped her, the directors that scolded her. She is very grateful for TVB for giving her everything she has now, and admitted that TVB has been actively discussing a contract renewal with her.
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    Rosina Lam secretly marries finance professional boyfriend

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Jul 25 2015, 07:35 PM
    Source: Oriental Daily
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Rosina Lam secretly marries finance professional boyfriend

    TVB Fa Dan, Rosina Lam (Lin Xiawei) has always kept her relationship very private. Yesterday, she secretly got married to her finance professional boyfriend of 1+ year at a super mansion on the peak! Congratulations! Rosina kept her marriage news a secret, nor did she let anything slip to her friends. Only close family was invited to the wedding; of course her cousin, Raymond Lam, attended.

    In recent years, there have been many good news in the entertainment industry. In fact, flash marriages and secret marriages have become very common. Yesterday, good news came from the television industry! 28 year old Rosina Lam had been in an underground relationship with 44 year old finance professoinal, Jason. After dating for more than a year, the two finally had their relationship finally blossomed yesterday, and secretly got married at a castle-like mansion on the peak.

    According to sources, the groom, Jason, comes from a very good background. He has a Civil Engineering degree from Ohio State University. Other than being the Executive Director of Hinsang Group, he is also a board member of many companies, such as bedding brand, Casablanca, which cooperated with Rosina and Chilam Cheung for a commercial before. However, Jason has always been low-key, so even when the two were dating, the media had never been able to photograph the two together. For their wedding yesterday, the couple gave up holding a big wedding party at a hotel, but instead chose to hold it at a mansion on the peak.

    Raymond Cho and Wayne Lai didn't know about the marriage

    Rosina, who has always been passionate about her career, took a vacation from TVB after completing new drama "Short End of the Stick" to get ready for her wedding. She will return to work mid next month to promote another new drama "Momentary Lapse of Reason". The night before, she and the cast of "Short End of the Stick", including Nancy Wu, Wayne Lai, Raymond Cho, Edwin Siu, Power Chan and Mimi Lo, gathered for a hot pot reunion. However, although she has a good relationship with her cast members, apparently she still did not reveal her marriage news to them at the time. Even good friends were kept from the news, the couple indeed maintained a high level of secrecy.
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