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    Sunny Hill return as a 4-member group with MV for lovely pre-release track 'Once In Summer'

    Posted By:  wendy @ Yesterday, 10:57 PM
    Credit: allkpop

    Sunny Hill return as a 4-member group with MV for lovely pre-release track 'Once In Summer'

    Sunny Hill will be dropping their studio album in two parts very soon, but before then, they have dropped the MV for their pre-release track, "Once In Summer"!

    They return as a four-member girl group following the leave of male member Janghyun earlier this year. The ladies bring out their sweet and lovely voices to make this summer even brighter and warmer with the happy-go-lucky song. The lyrics reminisce on the fond memories of a first love, so it's a song that we can all relate to.

    Check it out through the video above, and stay tuned for 'Part A' of their album that will be out sometime in August.
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    Choiza's cousin Topbob deletes photos of who netizens believe to be Choiza and f(x)'s Sulli

    Posted By:  wendy @ Yesterday, 10:55 PM
    Credit: allkpop

    Choiza's cousin Topbob deletes photos of who netizens believe to be Choiza and f(x)'s Sulli

    f(x)'s Sulli and Choiza of Dynamic Duo's dating rumors have resurfaced after eagle-eyed netizens noticed what appears to be possible photos of Sulli and Choiza uploaded by Choiza's cousin, artist TopBob.

    On July 30, TopBob shared two suspicious photos on his Instagram and Twitter with the captions, "[Hooray] for kidnapping! #Kidnapping #[East Sea] #[Hooray] #SexyBack," and "Being kidnapped to the East Sea.. Front seat PDA (public display of affection).. #Love #ThirdWheel #WhoseHands."

    Although these photos seem like it could be of anyone at first glance, fans noticed that the long hairstyle of the woman in the beach photo is similar to Sulli's current hairstyle. Other details point to Choiza including the mark on the hand in the car photo, which netizens have noticed looks similar to the mark that Choiza was spotted having on his own hand. The inside of the car in the photo also looks identical to the typical interior of a Discovery, which was previously shown on a broadcast as the car that Choiza owns.

    These rumors and alleged photos of Choiza and Sulli have some f(x) fans wondering about her recent hiatus and quick close to promotions for "Red Light" as well. Topbob has since deleted the aforementioned photos on his SNS accounts.

    What do you make of the rumors and photos?

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    SM Entertainment's new group Red Velvet introduce themselves with debut MV for 'Happiness'

    Posted By:  wendy @ Yesterday, 10:43 PM
    Credit: allkpop

    SM Entertainment's new group Red Velvet introduce themselves with debut MV for 'Happiness'

    After all the teasing, SM's latest girl group, Red Velvet, are here to spread some "Happiness" with their debut MV!

    Just like their teaser video, the full MV is bold with the bright use of various colors and an explosion of the exotic jungle theme. The song is upbeat and perfect for the summertime, as well.

    The girl group is comprised of S.M.Rookies' Seulgi, Irene, and Wendy, as well as Joy. Seulgi was brought into the agency back in 2007 through an audition and she's a multi-talented member who can sing, dance, play the guitar, and speak Japanese. Irene was cast by SM in 2009 and she is skilled in singing, rapping, and modern dance. Wendy was brought in in 2012 through 'SM Global Audition' in Canada and she is of course fluent in English and can play the flute, guitar, and saxophone, all in addition to her great vocal talents. Joy, who was not previously introduced through S.M.Rookies, also came in through the 'SM Global Audition' in 2012' but in Seoul. She possesses cute visuals and is well rounded in singing and dancing.

    So acquaint yourselves with the girls through the video above and stay tuned for their debut stage later tonight!

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    4L (Four Ladies)'s agency responds to controversy over the girls' sexy teasers

    Posted By:  wendy @ Yesterday, 10:38 PM
    Credit: allkpop

    4L (Four Ladies)'s agency responds to controversy over the girls' sexy teasers

    After group 4L (Four Ladies) released very provocative and sexy teasers for "Move," a controversy has arisen as netizens deem them too erotic, the dance too embarrassing to watch, and more. The choreography includes a lot of butt shaking in revealing outfits while the first teaser showed two members undressing each other in a scene of passion.

    As a response, the agency stated, "Our strategy is to show raw sexiness. The teasers are just the tip of the iceberg."

    Meanwhile, the girls will be releasing their music and MV on August 4.

    [Update] A rep has now released a longer statement: "Starting from the name 4L, which is short for Four Ladies, they are a group that pursues raw sexiness. Seeing how they portray raw sexiness, there are a lot of somewhat excessive scenes in the MV and the picture is the tip of the iceberg. There's nothing we can do about it in order to portray 4L's concept. After considering the teaser and official MV, we already placed a 19+ age restriction and are preparing for the restrictions on promotions."

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    Sunny talks about her perverted nickname Byungyu + the kidnapping attempt on Taeyeon; Henry teases Sunny

    Posted By:  wendy @ Yesterday, 10:27 PM
    Credit: allkpop

    Sunny talks about her perverted nickname Byungyu + the kidnapping attempt on Taeyeon

    On the July 31 edition of MBC's 'Stargazing,' Girls' Generation's Sunny talked about her 'pervert status' and recalled the time leader Taeyeon was almost kidnapped on stage.

    On the show, the fans talked about how it was well known that Sunny was a byuntae (pervert), saying how she often touched the other members' butts, gave lots of kisses, and did a lot of other perverted things to the point her nickname is Byungyu - a mix of 'byuntae (pervert)' and her real name, Lee Sun Gyu.

    The program even showed a picture of Sunny pinching Tiffany's butt. When asked why she liked butts, Sunny said hesitatingly that she just liked the feeling of them. She also revealed that the members were shocked at first, but now got used to it.

    She said, "Truthfully, the part I like is the elbow more than the butt." Her SM label mate, MC [b]Key[/b], asked with a shocked expression, "Is that why you touch my elbow?"

    Sunny chose [b]YoonA's [/b]elbow as her favorite, saying it stretched out well. The others brought up the fact that what was worse than pinching was her habit of biting elbows or shoulders, causing Kang Ho Dong to call her the Luis Suarez of Girls' Generation. This time, a video was shown of her biting YoonA's elbow at a concert. Sunny explained that she could no longer hold it in while the other members were talking and bit YoonA's elbow.

    The MC's asked Henry if he knew about this side of Sunny and he said he knew about the perverted nickname but didn't think it extended this far. They also asked Henry, what would the people think of Sunny if she acted like this in Canada and he said they would think she's a crazy lady.

    In relation to Taeyeon's kidnapping attempt, a fan on the set said, "At the time, Taeyeon had to put her hand on Sunny's shoulder as part of the choreography, but her hand didn't come up, so I think Sunny felt something. In that situation, the person who most quickly realized and reacted was Sunny."

    Sunny added, "At the time, I felt something was weird. She was too forcibly grabbed and dragged off to think it was a staff member doing it."

    Credit: allkpop

    Henry teases Sunny on her bare face and loud voice, talks about AOA, and jokingly proposes marriage

    The ever humorous [b]Henry [/b]was at it again, making statements that surprised people and made them laugh! Comfortably sitting beside SM label mate Sunny on the July 31 edition of MBC's 'Stargazing,' he had a lot of fun teasing her on the show.

    As he was invited onto the show by Sunny as her good friend, Kang Ho Dong said with some surprise, "I didn't know Sunny and Henry were best friends." Henry said nonchalantly, "Honestly, I don't know why I was invited here today. To tell the truth, Sunny and I act like we're close. I don't know any secrets, like whom she's meeting." With a smile, he said, "I think she likes me," which caused Sunny to lean away from him. He joked, "We can't be like this. We'll cause a scandal."

    When asked about Girls' Generation and the army (as girl groups often perform in front of soldiers), Henry said, "These days... ah, I'm sorry, but I think AOA is pretty popular these days." He clarified, "Girls' Generation are popular, but you know, it's been a while. The soldiers are young, so I think it's like that..."

    Key stepped in here, asking Henry what was Sunny's strength. Henry replied, "She's Lee Soo Man's niece. I wish I were his nephew, too. I just thought of a good idea! If we get married, wouldn't I become his nephew?" She asked what she would get out of it, so Henry replied, "I'll treat you well. I'll treat you really well."

    He also revealed Sunny was very noisy, recalling a time their hotel rooms were next to each other during an SM Town concert. He could hear her nasally voice through the walls and thought she was a bit drunk at the time. He also remembered a time he passed by Sunny without recognizing her because she was not wearing make up.

    He said, "You look very pretty right now. When you're not wearing make up, you look sleepy. I can't see your eyes."
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