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War and Beauty II storyline leaked: Sheren Tang & Alice Chan fights for Moses Chan, Friday February 24, 2012
post Feb 24 2012, 11:57 PM
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Source: Sudden Weekly
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

War and Beauty II storyline leaked: Sheren Tang & Alice Chan fights for Moses Chan

Last year TVB aired reruns of 2003 popular drama War and Beauty in the late evening and still got decent reception. It was then TVB decided to get the original cast back to shoot the sequel to serve as this year's TVB Anniversary series.

War and Beauty II will start shooting next week. Since the series is seen as TVB's secret weapon, the cast and crew have strongly declined to reveal anything. Reporters have been actively trying to obtain WABII's storyline via various channels. It was discovered that the sequel is completely unrelated to the first series. This time, Sheren Tang plays a concubine that gets thrown in the Cold Harem, while Moses is a performer in Chinese opera. He'll be in a subtle love triangle with Sheren and Alice Chan.

Gigi Lai married and retired from the industry, Charmaine Sheh and Maggie Cheung left TVB. It appears that the strive to get the four War and Beauty FaDans back for the sequel will no longer happen. As for the group of second line actresses, such as Nancy Wu and Selena Li, they 'glared' at WABII (uninterested), therefore producer Jonathan Chik had to invite his favorite Ada Choi back and Christine Ng, who had been on hiatus for 2 years to focus on her beauty salon business. Alice Chan, who had just signed with TVB, is fortunate to be able to battle Sheren.

Reporters showed initiative in obtaining the WABII storyline. In the last series, many people died in the end. Initially Sheren's role as Yue Fei had the chance to leave the palace, but she decided to stay behind to continue the battle with the Empress. As for the sequel, there will be an explanation of why Sheren was banished to the Cold Harem. She tries to overcome boredom in the Cold Harem and went to watch Chinese opera, where she then met the lead performer Moses Chan.

Meanwhile, Moses and the FaDan Alice Chan are childhood friends and had the romantic feelings long ago. To get closer to Moses, Sheren asked Moses to teach her acting and conveniently reduce the time Moses sees Alice at the same time. Christine Ng, plays Sheren's younger sister, who had always been a vicious person. She made an excuse to build Sheren and Moses' romance, then Sheren won't be able to make a comeback in the Harem, so she asked someone to go murder Alice. The Yue Fei this time has a rather weak personality in the beginning, but in the middle when she learned how her sister plotted against her, she started turning evil in order to protect herself.

Last year in the WABII sales presentation clip, Sheren and Ada Choi had a brokeback bed and kiss scene. It was understood that the actual version of WABII will retain the brokeback element, but it was only be explained through the dialogue.

Producer Jonathan Chik saved the role for Ada, she will be playing the 'GuGu', that is she'll be the boss of the palace maids. She is responsible for serving Sheren, so she knew about Sheren and Christine's secret. Aside from Sheren and the concubines fighting for power, the palace maids are also in a competition. In the series, Ada will be getting framed constantly by Tracy Ip. However, in the middle of the story, Ada will start unfolding a chain of intense scenes with Christine because they will be fighting over court warden Kenny Wong.
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