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Joe Cheng once thought about getting married at age 18; clarifies rumors with Ariel Lin, Wednesday February 11, 2009 Taiwan
post Feb 11 2009, 12:15 AM
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Staff of the Year AEU Radio DJ Top Staff Happy Chinese New Year 2015

Source: Rednet, Hunan TV, Xmwww
Translated by: Kassy @ asianfanatics.net

Joe Cheng once thought about getting married at age 18; clarifies rumors with Ariel Lin

Currently these two idol series [They Kiss Again], [Love or Bread] will be aired one after another by hunantv. On 7th February Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen have arrived in Changsha to kick off with their tight promotional schedules on the 8th February. Even though the two of them are playing as a couple for the third time and received recognition from the public, this time both of them have used words and actions to clarify their rumors, seems like they are trying to show that they are not really sharing any real ‘sparks’ in their real life.

About their future career development, Zheng Yuan Chang, who has always been having the image of an idol, bluntly said that other than planning to venture to the big screen, he is also thinking of becoming a comedian in the future and doesn’t mind to take on ugly roles. Other than that he, who has mesmerized uncountable young girls, has revealed that he has once thought about getting married at the age of 18, [This has been one of my utmost desire dreams.]

Thrifty: Buying clothes will not be more than NT$10,000
Even though wearing varieties of famous designer brands have become the symbol of the stars, the current famous Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen happened to be the famous thrifty artists in the entertainment industry. Lin Yi Chen, who grew up with her mother and younger brother, has been bearing the family debts since she joined the entertainment industry at the age of 16. Her thrifty habit and not buying any famous designer brands are well-known in the entertainment industry. Although she didn’t deny that her status has increase due to her new title as the “Best Actress” in the Golden Bell Award, Lin Yi Chen bluntly said that she will not be buying famous designer brands because of it. While Zheng Yuan Chang who also grew up in a single parent family said that at the moment he won’t spend too much money on clothes, [We have talked about this topic in the morning, we think that the clothes that we will buy will not be more than NT$10,000 (RMB$2000), otherwise it will decrease our desire in getting it.] He who has the experience in being a street hawker before said that every time when he needs to buy an expensive clothing, he will consider it carefully, whether he could used this clothe in his work or not [Can it helps me to get more money.]

About their own ways in managing their finance, the both of them were saying that they are very interest in real estate. Zheng Yuan Chang said because he comes from a not so wealthy family since he was small so he is not very interested in having a lot of clothes and he is actually more interested in real estate: [Even though I have bought one already, currently still doesn’t have the ability to get another one for investment purposes.] While earlier on Lin Yi Chen, who is at the peak of her career, has bought a NT$2,000,000 apartment for her family. Even though she still have money to spare, she still finds hard to decide on which areas she should invested on.

Development: Zheng Yuan Chang wants to be a comedian
Idol series like [They Kiss Again] and [Love or Bread] has allowed Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen to become the rating securer in Taiwan District. All the artists in idol series are all using their youth to secure their job so someone like Da S who rose to fame because of idol series and the members from F4 have been trying to change their image lately, working hard in opening their market in the big screen. Lin Yi Chen who has won [Best Actress] in the Golden Bell Award last year was saying that she has feels the new pressure in her career after wining this award, and will need more time in planning. But Lin Yi Chen said she is not going to reject taking roles from the idol series: [Acting to me includes tv series, movies and stage play. To me I don’t want to be just concentrating on a certain part and of course it also has to have good director and scripts too. If I have the opportunity, it will be best if I am able to dance around a bit.]

Zheng Yuan Chang who has take part in stage play and idol series is sharing the same thoughts as well. This year in his working schedule, he is planning to venture to the big screen and record album. Because of his handsome physical appearance, currently Zheng Yuan Chang is without a doubt one of the most promising artist among the idol series artists in Taiwan District; but personally he is very interested in becoming a comedian, and doesn’t care if his role will damaged his image as an idol: [Earlier on I have watched a show that talked about comedian and the show mentioned that right until now the current comedian will be Stephen Chow, I think that being able to bring happiness to everyone will be something that is very pure, making someone else happy is such a nice thing to do.] With this statement, Lin Yi Chen, who was beside Zheng Yuan Chang, highly agrees that he has the talents to become a comedian, saying that he has always been able to brighten up the atmosphere of the production set, [He could be serious and funny at the same time.]

Feelings: Once thought about getting married at the age of 18
Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen who has been portraying as a couple for numerous times already are the most popular ‘Onscreen Couple’ in Taiwan District. Not only the fans want them to become a real couple, rumor has it that even Zheng Baba thinks that Lin Yi Chen is his first pick as his daughter –in-law. Even though Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen has expressed that they are each other ideal type before their promotions here in Changsha, this time both of them seems to be trying to avoid this rumor. They have been very cautious about their words and actions. When the host said “seeing each other’, it was being explained by Zheng Yuan Chang as [Having come and go conversations]. While the fans shouted out that they are a very well-matched couple, the both of them explained as [Due to years of collaborations, easy to compromise, having good tacit understanding] and said that [Most well-matched] title comes from the love that the fans have for them.

Although they were trying really hard to avoid the ambiguous feelings in their answers, both of them still have nothing but high praises for each other. Lin Yi Chen bluntly said that even though she is born with passive and quiet personalities, she is very impress with his ability in brightening up the atmosphere, [Every time when he is around, he was able to brighten up the atmosphere of the production set, I am very impress.] While Zheng Yuan Chang was also praising Lin Yi Chen saying that she is very serious in her work, [She is definitely someone who is able to do exceptionally well in her own requirements as an artist, for example like before the series started to film, she would have been reading the scripts in details for several times already, and taken down notes too. Then once she is in the filming set, she will readjust them accordingly.]

In spite of the noticeable signs of trying to avoid his rumors with Lin Yi Chen, Zheng Yuan Chang who is currently single has revealed that he is very envious about the romance of his character is having, [In “They Kiss Again” Zhi Shu got married when he was just 18 years old, actually (getting married at a young age) has been one of my utmost desire dreams, once I was hoping that I will get married at the age of 18, but I’ve missed out that chance already.] When the host asked him when he met Lin Yi Chen, Zheng Yuan Chang can’t help but stick out his tongue and said: [18 years old!]

Revealing personal life on the Internet; Joe Cheng is [jealous] about Ariel Lin's kissing scene

In the afternoon of 8th February, the male and females leads of [They Kiss Again], Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen were the guests in Hunantv's internet show, talking about the collaboration between this golden couple. According to the information, the both of them will be collaborating for the third time, sharing immeasurable tacit understanding. Other than that, Hunantv has decided to at the idol series [Love or Bread] on 12th February and it happens to be the production of their third collaboration.

During the interview, the both of them talked about their funny and interesting stories and their views about acting. When talked about the scenes in [Love or Bread], Zheng Yuan Chang daringly reveals that Lin Yi Chen has an exciting, hot kissing scene with Jarvis Wu. While Lin Yi Chen who was beside him has immediately response to this comment by saying she didn't have kissing scene with Jarvis Wu, it was with another actress. Zheng Yuan Chang immediately shows a very relaxing expression, asking: [Oh, really?] Both of their behavior have stirred up the curiosity of the host and have started to ask them some interesting questions about their [bed scene], [toilet scene].

From the interview, the both of them have also described in details about the difference between [kissing scene] and [CPR]. Zheng Yuan Chang explains it very solemnly: [Basically CPR is wrapping your mount with the other person, not biting at each other and then starts blowing air into it.]

In the set they have started a list of interesting research too, when talked about what they think about [fighting] with each other, Zheng Yuan Chang said: [Actually it is unforgivable to have guys hitting at the girls, but this is only following the story plot, don't want to misguided the viewers here.]

Moreover, both of them have talked about their daily habit in real life, for example like what they like to eat, their taste in clothes etc. It has stir up a big interest and concern among the wide range of netizens and fans. Please stay tuned to Hunantv on 12th February for the airing of the idol series [Love or Bread].

Joe Cheng’s father accepted Ariel Lin as daughter-in-law: Have to be responsible for all those kisses

After [They Kiss Again] is able to have high ratings in hunantv, another idol series [Love or Bread] will be aired to continue on with the sweetness. Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen have collaborated once again have attended the interview show [Behind The Story] in hunantv yesterday afternoon, sharing with everyone about their experience throughout the years.

Zheng Baba accepted the daughter-in-law in the series
The production team of the show has especially arranged the flower girl and boy as the leads to lead the two royal idol artists into the show. The set was immediately filled with the romantic atmosphere of prince charming and princess sentiments, making the fans screaming out loud. Having the experience in playing as a couple for the third time, Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zhong) and Lin Yi Chen are being called as the [Best Onscreen Couple]. In real life they are the best of friends, the fans are eager and hoping that they will have real feelings toward each other in the set and becoming a real couple. But Zheng Yuan Chang bluntly said that Lin Yi Chen and him have used up all their passion in the series, so there’s not more passion left for real life.

Not only the fans are hoping that Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen will become a real couple, but Zheng Yuan Chang’s adorable father has makes him until he doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry: Zheng Baba who has watched [It Started With A Kiss] and [They Kiss Again] said this to Zheng Yuan Chang: [You have kissed her (Lin Yi Chen) for so many times now, you should be responsible for her!] Zheng Baba is very content with Lin Yi Chen and is thinking of accepting her as daughter-in-law. The digital camera that he has bought for himself was full of magazine pictures and promotional pictures of Lin Yi Chen. Looks like this [Fresh-faced Princess] Lin Yi Chen has a very extraordinary attractiveness.

Looking back to 4 years ago where they first met each other, Zheng Yuan Chang said that time he was not that familiar with Lin Yi Chen, after going through a period of time of understanding, he noticed that Lin Yi Chen is a very serious and hardworking person, she was well-prepared ahead before the rehearsal, writing down notes about her thoughts. Lin Yi Chen said she belongs to the passive group so normally her first impression for other people will be a bit solemn. And because of this personality, she was being written off by media by saying that they are not getting along well, she said, this is all the groundless accusations from the media; and actually the both of them happens to be a well-matched friends.

Working diligently to change the ‘eye candy’ image
This time they have bring along a new series to promote in Changsha, in the series the female lead Zeng Shan Mei was being describe as “the current era of Ah Shin”, Lin Yi Chen even thinks that Zeng Shan Mei is quite similar to her in real life, able to accept the pressure and slowly worked her way toward success.

As an artist that are a lot of things that are uncontrollable, Zheng Yuan Chang who has been through high and low in the entertainment industry said he holds a lot of bitterness inside his heart. Zheng Yuan Chang said: [That’s how it is in the entertainment industry, I have accepted it, growing up and becoming famous will have its price to pay; now I am slowly adapting to it.] About last time when he was being described as eye candy, Zheng Yuan Chang said, because of this he has been very upset about, then he reflected himself and find the ways to become even better. And now the ever growing Zheng Yuan Chang is using his own influence that he has for himself to proof to everyone that he indeed has the talents and the potentials.

Heard that Zheng Yuan Chang has leads his fans in supporting the education fees for 11 children in Guangxi. Zheng Yuan Chang said he is hoping that by being a route and with the used of his own strength he is able to help out more people who are really in need instead of just being a [handsome] physical appearance artist.

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