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Joe Cheng does not allow dad to meet "daughter-in-law", Friday January 30, 2009 Taiwan
post Jan 29 2009, 10:45 PM
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Staff of the Year AEU Radio DJ Top Staff Happy Chinese New Year 2015

Source: omy.sg
Translated by: indescribable @ http://asianfanatics.net/

Joe Cheng does not allow dad to meet "daughter-in-law"

Joe Cheng laments that his dad is too "engrossed in the drama", treating Ariel Lin as daughter-in-law. In order to prevent him from falling deeper into it, he makes sure to prevent his dad from meeting Ariel Lin at all costs.

The stage play that Joe Cheng is a cast member of, [Design for Living], is the opening show at this year's Huayi Festival, with performances tonight and tomorrow at the Esplanade Theatre. Yesterday, he and director Edward Lam, scriptwriter and fellow cast member Sylvia Chang, and also fellow cast member David Wang appeared in public together, accepting to be interviewed by the local media.

After the [It Started With a Kiss] series, Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin act as lovers for the third time in [Love or Bread]. Before, when the two were on a show for promotion, Joe Cheng said that his father already thinks of Ariel Lin as the best daughter-in-law, and when this was brought up, he said laughing: "My dad is a loyal [It Started With a Kiss] fan, and likes the Xiang Qin in the drama, so Ariel has become the 'lubricant' between us father-and-son; I feel that this kind of relationship really makes no sense."

When asked if his father has met Ariel Lin yet, he immediately said: "No! I prevent them from meeting at all costs; I'm scared that my dad will be too excited."

Although he has collaborated many times with Ariel Lin, a lover relationship has not been created; Joe Cheng explains: "There are many fans, including my dad, who have been influenced by the [It Started With a Kiss] series, and have put Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin, Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin into an equation. If we start dating, we will give people the wrong impression, whether it is really Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin dating, or if it is really us who are genuinely dating; I feel that that kind of relationship is just nothingness."

Does not play the "jealousy" game

Ethan Ruan has become popular because of [Fated to Love You], at that time the ratings kept beating Joe Cheng's [Honey and Clover], and his later [Defeated Queen] also beats [Love or Bread] in ratings.

About the media frequently making comparisons between the two, Joe Cheng stresses that he and Ethan Ruan are very close friends; both are serious towards their work, and do not feel any jealousy towards each other's achievements at all. "Jealousy is a game thought up of by the media, and I won't be playing this game."

Speaking about the competition between Taiwanese idol drama 'Ah Ge's* becoming more and more fierce, Joe Cheng says: "Chinese television series being able to take form in Asia is something to be happy about, so we should be mutually supporting each other."

He analyses that the Japanese and Korean dramas' and idols' wide reception is closely related to the strong cohesion in their market, "therefore, even more so, we should not be divided".

Joe Cheng's performance surpasses an idol drama

In the eyes of director Edward Lam, for Joe Cheng's debut in a stage play, his performance has already surpassed the idol drama field.

Actually Edward Lam has not seen an idol drama with Joe Cheng as the lead; he jokes that he has "passed that age group". He had just happened to watch the sitcom [An Shi Ai Mei Hui] by chance, and was impressed by Joe Cheng, but at that time he actually did not know the name of that man.

He said: "Some people copy a character, and some people create their own character; I felt that he and that type of idol drama 'Ah Ge's are not the same. They copy characters, but he creates his own personality."

Sylvia Chang also has high praises for Joe Cheng. "He is very much a boy and very much a man; in the future he will be able to walk a very long road. I hope that the stage play environment will allow him to try out many more roles."

In front of the director and scriptwriter Joe Cheng is extremely modest, first urgently clarifying that he is not an 'Ah Ge', and said that when he saw Sylvia Chang on the first day he felt pressured, because she is the friend of his boss, so he holds a very high respect for her.

But when the discussion came to how he feels dating Sylvia Chang in the play, his clear and bright personality becomes completely visible, as he shouts: "Extremely gratifying! Being able to touch her, and smell her scent, really feels like having fortune for three lives; after all, she is at the National Treasure level (of artiste)."

[Translator's Note: An 'Ah Ge', literally 'a big brother', is a title within the acting circle, generally crowned on the artists who stand out among the lot, skillfully handle people and events, and have good qualities that the audience approve of -- not a title gained by luck or just a pretty face.]

Part 1

Part 2

Joe Cheng accompanies hot spring trip; Japanese aunties kiss and hug
(Source: Liberty Times; Translated by: indescribable @ http://asianfanatics.net/)

Joe Cheng accepts the invite of the Japanese fans, meeting them at the Ito Hot Springs.

Before the beginning of the lunar year of the Ox, [Xiao Zhong] Joe Cheng met over 200 fans at the Ito Hot Springs in Japan, sharing two days and one night's time of merriment. The Japanese aunties* cried out loudly that they finally got lucky, and someone even declared that she wanted Xiao Zhong to stay and spend the night, causing Xiao Zhong shout loudly in the craziness: "I almost lost my virginity!"

Raided fans' rooms, welcomed with shrieks

Last week, Joe Cheng responded to the invite of the backstage club in Japan, holding an Ito Hot Springs trip with a group of female fans, and creating a great stir there. Reportedly, there are many aunties who have been waiting for half a year, just because they wanted to attend this new, first time hot spring event with Xiao Zhong. To express his thanks to these aunties, Xiao Zhong personally [raided] fans' rooms. The aunties kept shrieking again and again, but once they saw that the one who was knocking on the door was in fact the beloved Xiao Zhong, they immediately went over to hug and kiss him.

Auntie strongly embraces him, requests Xiao Zhong to sleep along with her

Xiao Zhong said smiling: "There was a female fan who was about to get married, yet she frankly said that she once vowed she would not marry anyone but me." She claimed that because she could not wait for Xiao Zhong, she could only marry first; after hearing this Xiao Zhong sighed loudly that aunties really are too crazy; there was another fan who, upon seeing him, immediately threw herself onto him, hugging him and would not let go, and even said that she really wanted Xiao Zhong to spend the night along with her.

Because the female Japanese fans are so enthusiastic, Xiao Zhong also gave back by hugging them one by one. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a very good time, and the aunties even said that next time they go to Taiwan they must stay a few extra days; absolutely must accompany Xiao Zhong from night until sunrise.

[Translator's Note: *The term used is '師奶', which is a Cantonese colloquial term. It began as a normal title for a middle-aged 'housewife'/married woman, such as auntie, ma'am, etc., but now it generally refers to those who tend to be lacking in social graces, not well mannered, boisterous gossipers, petty, and greedy…not exactly the nicest title a woman would want to be referred to as. >.<]
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