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Gallen Lo: Future love life to take it easy, Tuesday July 8, 2008 Hong Kong
post Jul 8 2008, 08:53 AM
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Source: Mingpao
Translated by: Dragon888 @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

Gallen Lo: Future love life to take it easy

Gallen has split up with Fong Mun Yee, ending their 10 years of marriage. Although he had stressed that it was lack of communication between him and his wife that led to the divorce, the media still speculate that there is a 3rd person involved. Yesterday Gallen said again that he had discussions with Fong Mun Yee in details about the divorce, that every family has its own problem. When he was asked about his future love life, he said he would take it easy as it comes.

Explaining to his son about the divorce in a casual way

Gallen was in Shanghai yesterday to discuss about the new TV series. Through ex wife's arrangement, he was interviewed by Eileen Cha 查小欣 from Commercial Radio Hong Kong. He revealed that his wife and him are still good friends. The family will be having dinner together soon. When asked who initiated divorce first, he said it has been accumilated for a long time. But they have to be careful how to break this to their son. They said it to him very lightly so that he didn't think the matter was so serious. He praised his son having good understandings since small, he is also very tolerant. Even when he had problems with his friends in school, he always managed to sort it out.

Jessica Hsuan is prepared for the rumour again

Following Gallen's divorce announcement, there were rumours around the 3rd party. Jessica Hsuan was dragged into the lime light again. She responded to the rumour by saying " this is not true, I have nothing to answer for ". When she was interviewed by Scoop (東張西望) , she revealed that the rumour started six years ago, she is used to it. Even after 20 or 30 years, when she is married or when Gallen is married again, the rumour would still be there. I am well prepared for that. She reckoned this is part of being in show biz. She had an call from Gallen saying he was sorry about the rumour again.

Source: [On.cc 06/07/08]
Translated by: sehseh @ http://idlmindsehseh.blogspot.com

Gallen Lo Ends 10 Year marriage and Announces Divorce

Faded feelings, but no 3rd party involved
Gallen ends 10 years of marriage, money and son goes to ex-wife

Well known as Mr Nice Guy, Gallen Lo suddenly revealed that he is divorced from his wife of 10 years Fong Mun Yee! As their relationship goes as far as 20 years, a lot of people feel shocked. Yesterday, Gallen personally confirmed the news and said that he is still friends with his ex-wife. Being a responsible man, he will be giving his HKD10 million condo and also the custody of their son to his ex-wife.

Gallen have known his-wife for a long time, she was his first love and they were together for more than 20 years. Yesterday there were news of Gallen and his wife was divorced, shocking the whole entertainment circle. When reporters called Gallen who was working in Mainland China at the moment, he described his feelings as OK: "Thank you for everyone's concern. I hope everyone can leave some space for me to live in peace. (Don’t you feel it's such a pity?) I can only say that my ex-wife and I will always be best friends."

Regarding to his failed marriage, Gallen said that it's due to communication problem. Gallen left TVB in 2003 and often films series in Mainland China; therefore he is constantly away from his wife. But when they meet, they barely spoke to each other. Though they still call each other as "Mr. Lo" and "Mummy", they feelings have faded. Though they tried hard to save their marriage, they still end up with divorce. "We filed for separation early last year and recently finished with the divorce settlements. We are still good friends." About his ex-wife describing their divorce as a form of 'liberation', Gallen agrees: "I understand how she felt. (Is there any 3rd party?) I'm not going to answer anymore! It'll just complicate matters. All I have to say is that the divorce is amicable, and there is no 3rd party involved."

When asked will he be moving out of their condo after their divorce, Gallen evasively answers: "Even though we were separated, we could still live under the same roof, just different room. There's no problem with that as we still have good relationship. (Now that you are officially divorced, will you be moving out?) I will not respond to personal question. (Will you get married again in the future?) I won't answer such assumptive question." Gallen avoids answering sensitive topics but the truth is, he already transferred his HKD10 million condo under his ex-wife's name and he does not plan to fight for his son's custody. He hopes that his son can grow up in the most comfortable environment. "I won't respond on the custody issue, but I still have good relationship with my son. Actually he already accepted our divorce, so all I can say is that we are still good. Our divorce is not something that happened overnight. I am now prepared to concentrate in my work, thank you for my friend's concern."

Additional info from Oriental Daily:
This year November, he will be returning back to TVB to film a 40 episode series, reassuming his position as '1st Brother' again. In addition, his character will be tailor made for him in this grand family series. The story is about brothers' feud and revenge. TVB have also invited Ray Lui and Jamie Chik to act in this series. As for Gallen's female lead, TVB is currently looking for a suitable actress. Gallen's another new series [When Dog Falls in Love with Cat] is going to be aired soon.

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