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Francis Ng: I didn't say Myolie Wu wasn't good, just talking about S4, Sunday January 1, 2012
post Jan 1 2012, 07:48 PM
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Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Francis Ng: I didn't say Myolie Wu wasn't good, just talking about S4

Francis Ng is known to be a straightforward person. Back then when he was shooting Triumph in the Skies with Myolie Wu, it was said he criticized her bad acting and this has stirred up some response. Francis: "I never said Myolie isn't good, just talking about S4!"

(Francis speaks...)

I remember in 2003, when I was shooting Triumph in the Skies for TVB, aside from Joe Ma, Flora Chan and I, at the time, the group of newcomers had many scenes opposite of me. In fact, in my standpoint, the so-called Film King/Queen or TV King/Queen level candidates all cannot have instant success. They have to go through countless cuts and polishes to get to that level. So, I have never put up any attitudes, otherwise I don't know what to do if I frighten them, but I never thought gossips could still stir up.

Back then when I was on Sandra Ng's hosted TV show, and spoke about the rising stars in TITS, I did mention a certain newcomer NGed over 30 times and someone cried. I didn't give the names, but the public just assumed the person I was talking about was Myolie Wu! Although the incident happened several years ago and it's meaningless to bring it up again, I still believe if it happened, it happened, and if not then please don't start condemning! Basically I never said anything about Myolie, just Mr. Stephen Chan and Gallen Lo mentioned it once in an interview, at the time I thought to myself: "What the heck?" I felt before making this incident public, shouldn't we confirm if it's true or not first?

As a TV host, there is a bottom line too. That is you must not give names. Why did it become like this? I really don't know, perhaps because Mr. Chan invited me to go on Be My Guest several times and I quickly declined each time! In fact, I am not suitable to go on this type of interview, but the public felt astonished by my decision. As a newcomer, there is no doubt your acting may be mediocre! But, newcomers from different generations, have a different attitude when handling things. I remember when we were newcomers, the seniors would pat our backs and encourage us to put in the effort, and one day we will succeed.

Acting is useless?

I couldn't believe that same action used on me, when I used on Myolie back then, she responded back to me in tears: "Acting is useless!" This reaction puzzled me deeply, why would an '80 After' give me this answer? Honestly, since that incident, I rarely had the opportunity to encounter Myolie again, so I don't know how she felt at the time.

But, I have also paid attention to her earlier performance in Curse of the Royal Harem, it's considered good. Continue the hard work! She finally became immersed after being in TVB for so many years and her has improved a lot.

Embarrassed Newcomers

At the time, was Myolie's acting really that bad? Not really. Actually S4 (Sammul Chan, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma), I am not saying their acting was inferior, but it is just they were not focused and didn't arrive to the set with the script familiarized. The problem is their lines have to be interactive with mines, so I had to think of a special way to make them feel embarrassed. It is only then that they will obediently give in. I believe until this day, it was an unforgettable moment in their lives.
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