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Ada Choi gives birth to 9 pound 4 oz baby 'big' girl, Thursday May 12, 2011
post May 12 2011, 07:51 PM
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Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Ada Choi gives birth to 9 pound 4 oz baby 'big' girl

Ada Choi was expected to due on May 17th, but the day before, Ada already started feeling pain and gave birth to her baby daughter 6 days early at Canossa Hospital. Ada once had a wish to personally experience the natural process of giving birth, but in the end it was not successful and the doctor had to give her a C-section to help her. Ada's baby daughter was born at 5:11pm, weighing 9 pounds and 4 ounces. Her name is Zoe Cheung Chor Yee (張楚兒). Yesterday Ada wrote on Weibo announcing the good news and posted a family photo!

A mother for the first time, Ada felt that the approach of a new life was very amazing, while her husband and father Max Zhang was so happy while carrying the baby, he couldn't stop smiling. He describes his daughter as a strong female because when she first came out, she did not have any loud cries, her hands and feet are thick and solid. Ada chose Canossa Hospital, where many other actresses went into labor there too, like Kelly Chen. It costs the least, starting from HK$100,000 and up.

A May 11, 2011, 5:11pm birth

Yesterday at 5:30pm, Max came down to the hospital's entrance for interviews with the media. A father for the first time, he first thanked everyone for the concern and then bowed. He appeared very excited as he said: "Both mother and daughter are safe. Our baby girl is born, Ada was admitted to the hospital last night, her expected due date was May 17th. Earlier, the magazines reported it all wrong, I saw that her stomach was so big already, so I bought her into the hospital to prepare, it was such a coincidence, eventually our baby girl was born on May 11, 2011 at 5:11pm. She is 9 pounds, 4 ounces and I believe is the heaviest baby in the entire hospital."

Accompanying Ada into the delivery room, Max watched Ada in labor and really felt that being a mother is not easy. He will treat his wife better and when the nurse carried their baby to them, Max's eyes were filled with tears, while Ada already started crying in joy. Asked who the baby looks like? Max said: "She has dad's mouth, and mom's hair. She is a beauty. (Gave her a name?) Ada wants to give her a single character, I want her name to have a "Chor" (楚) in it because I want my daughter to clearly understand the God's truth and in the end, we decided to give her the name "Chor Yee" and English name is Zoe. Her name represents a meaningful life."

Ada's mother already went to visit her in the hospital, asked Max if both parents already visited? He said: "Everyone that should come already came. (When will Ada be discharged?) Not that fast, I won't be working yet, spend some time with her first. (Ada is going to be a full-time housewife?) She cannot settle down like that... let her rest first, I think she'll come back to acting!"

At 7pm, Nick Cheung visited Ada at the hospital. The two became good friends after shooting Secret of the Heart, Nick said: "After visiting Ada and seeing her baby girl, perhaps she just gave birth, the baby and mom looks exactly the same. (Give her baby caring tips?) We talked about it before. (What's your gift?) Later, wait until she leaves the hospital. We known each other since Secret of the Heart, and now we both have our own babies!"

Cecilia Cheung: "Congratulations! I wish her success in losing the weight after birth and is prettier than before. Her baby is healthy and happy." She also urged Ada that it is not suitable to start eating supplements after birth, especially fish maw and bird's nest. She said: "This is purely personal opinion because fish maw will cause the wound to stiffen, next time when she gives birth again, it will be hard for surgery. Also, for the first 7 days, it is best to breastfeed because these 7 days is very important for mother and baby. Other things, let nature take its course, eat light and it should be okay."

Ada's best friend and already a mother, Monica Chan said: "Should just let the new parents enjoy the happiness together as a family!" Earlier when Monica visited Ada, she was very emotional and cried: "The baby is very cute, she is 100 times prettier than on camera. I congratulate Ada and Max for becoming parents from the bottom of my heart. I also wish baby grow up fast and becomes a beautiful girl!"

Ada's "big sister" Mary Hon saw the baby and was extremely happy: "Baby is very healthy, very cute. However, it is hard to tell who she looks more like when she's so tiny. Health is the most important, the new father is very happy and smiled nonstop."

Cindy Au: "Congrats! (Baby is over 9 pounds?) Wah, very lucky and as expected. Earlier when we had dinner with Ada, I saw she had long arms and legs, baby will inherit mom's genes. (You will be due soon too!) Since I have experience, I'm not as anxious as the first time."

On Weibo:

Eileen Yeow: "Congrats! So happy, give a kiss to Baby and Ada for me, yeah!"

Koni Lui: "Congrats! A new little life is so fantastic!"

Macy Chan: "Congrats! Who does baby look like? No... whoever she looks like mother or father, she will be beautiful! Congrats to you all as a family!"

Others include: Sonjia Kwok, Leila Tong, Tavia Yeung, Hacken Lee Athena Chu, Leanne Li, Timmy Hung, Astrid Chan, Sammi Cheng, Liza Wang, etc..
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