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    Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh rumoured to have reconciled due to Raymond Cho's party; Raymond Cho denies

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Yesterday, 06:22 PM
    Source: on.cc / Wen Wei Po / Kwong Wah News
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh rumoured to have reconciled due to Raymond Cho's party; Raymond Cho denies

    Recently, there were rumours that Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh had reconciled due to Raymond Cho's birthday party. Earlier, HK actor, Raymond Cho held his 50th birthday party at a hot pot restaurant in Cheung Sha Wan. Media outlets reported that ex-couple, Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh came one after another. When Kevin arrived, he denied that he was the host, just here to eat. But when asked if he told Raymond to throw a big party, he said: "50th birthday is a big event, of course you should make it big!" Afterwards, Charmaine Sheh arrived in a taxi alone. Charmaine, who wasn't wearing any makeup, was very startled when she saw reporters there. After a few moments, she politely said hi to reporters. Asked if she was here to attend Raymond Cho's birthday party? She mysteriously said: "I'm here to eat with a friend." Asked if she prepared a birthday present, she patted her bag, seemingly to say she has prepared something, and quickly entered the restaurant.

    Yesterday, Raymond Cho attended the TVB Lighting Ceremony and clarified the news, saying Charmaine was not there to attend his birthday party and only came to say hi. He does not feel that the two reconciled either: "Charmaine was actually there to attend another friend's gathering. But after 8pm, I got drunk already, so I didn't pay attention to them." He expressed that he thinks this year's TV King will be between Wayne Lai and Roger Kwok, and laughed saying he hopes there can be a "double champion", so everyone can be happy.
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    Raymond Lam signs 3 year contract with EEG at $100 million HKD

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Oct 19 2014, 10:02 PM
    Source: The Sun
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Raymond Lam signs 3 year contract with EEG at $100 million HKD

    Raymond Lam, who had returned to "freedom" earlier, was extremely popular for grabs in both Hong Kong and Mainland China after leaving TVB. According to sources, he has already made a decision and signed a 3 year contract with EEG (Emperor Entertainment Group) with the sky value of 100 million HKD, becoming one of the "yat gor"'s of EEG, along with Nicholas Tse and Leo Ku.

    Having been in the industry for 15 years, he finally became "free" after his contract with TVB ended at the end of July. Earlier, his character "Bao Seed" in TVB drama "Line Walker", was very popular amongst the audience in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, while his Mainland drama, "The Virtuous Queen of Han" was also well-received. His value shot up because of this recent success, with his price for Mainland dramas being 500,000 RMB per episode. Apparently, recently, Raymond Lam has determined his "new home", signing a contract with EEG Entertainment for $100 million HKD.

    Albert Yeung personally met with him

    In 2007, Raymond Lam joined EEG to debut in the music industry, until mid-last year when his contract ended. At the time, he only signed a music record contract with EEG, but both sides had kept a friendly relationship. After Raymond Lam and TVB ended their 15 year relationship, he quickly became the target of many large entertainment companies in Hong Kong and Mainland China, like Mainland company Huayi Brothers, Bona Film Group, etc. According to sources, Emperor Group chairman, Albert Yeung, even personally went to meet with Raymond Lam, to show their sincerity. Raymond also asked his father's opinion on his contract, and in the end, both sides were agreeable and Raymond Lam officially signed his contract earlier with EEG, ready to build a tremendous position in the singing, film, and television industry.

    Yesterday, Emperor Group CEO Ng Yue responded through a phone call and laughed: "Good for you guys, receiving the news so fast." But he refused to reveal Raymond Lam's value in the contract: "This is confidential business, the main point is we have a consensus." Ng Yue expressed that the company and Raymond had good understanding in their previous relationship with his singing contract. EEG helped Raymond hold four concerts, and cooperated very happily. In the future, they will have more cooperations in terms of films and dramas, and EEG will also hold an induction ceremony for Raymond Lam as soon as possible. Raymond Lam, who hasn't released an album in two years, will begin producing a new album for fans as his first project after signing with EEG.

    Drama cost, 500,000 RMB per episode

    In recent years, Raymond Lam has started targeting the Mainland market, his value only rising and rising, never decreasing. Last year, he accepted a Mainland drama, "Detectives and Doctors", with the price of 500,000 RMB per episode. With 30 episodes, the total he earned was 19,000,000 HKD. Including events, commercials and endorsements, he at least earns 5,000,000 HKD. Last year only, he already earned 24,000,000 HKD. Afterwards, he filmed the Mainland drama, "The Virtuous Queen of Han", which had first place ratings in Mainland China.

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    TVB Ratings Report (10/06/2014 - 10/12/2014)

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Oct 18 2014, 12:17 AM
    Source: Wacow @ Blog163
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net

    TVB Ratings Report (10/06/2014 - 10/12/2014)

    Tomorrow is Another Day - 再戰明天 (EPS 1-5) - 24 PTS (Peaking at 26 PTS)

    All That Is Bitter Is Sweet - 大藥坊 (EPS 21-24) - 24 PTS (Peaking at 26 PTS)

    Come Home Love - 愛.回家 (EPS 615-619) - 22 PTS

    Shades of Life - 我們的天空 (EP 12) - 18 PTS

    Variety Shows
    Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk - SUNDAY扮嘢王 - 23 PTS

    Queen Feast - 女皇的盛宴 - 20 PTS

    Scoop - 東張西望 - 18 PTS

    Neighborhood Treasures 6 - 千奇百趣玩HIGH D - 17 PTS

    (Nielsen TAM: 1 point represents 64,920 viewers)
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    TVB Anniversary series, "Come On, Cousin!" airs this coming Monday; "Inbound Troubles" reunion with new story (MINOR SPOILERS)

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Oct 17 2014, 01:37 AM
    Source: Oriental Daily
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    TVB Anniversary series, "Come On, Cousin!" airs this coming Monday; "Inbound Troubles" reunion with new story (INCLUDES MINOR SPOILERS)

    The cast and crew of TVB anniversary drama "Come On, Cousin!" is the same as the last year's hit "Inbound Troubles", with a whole new story, airing this coming Monday. The pairings are entirely new this time, with the exception of the well-received "new generation" on-screen couple, Roger Kwok and Joey Meng. Wong Cho Lam expressed that he also thinks that this couple is just too compatible, so he did not break them up. The story this time will be revolving around father-son relationships, relationships between neighbours. The cast and crew are still as strong as ever, the laughter is definitely even better than before.

    Two time TV King, Roger Kwok will be playing an enthusiastic environmentalist, leads protests to help citizens get what they want. He also ends up being a congressman. He and Wong Cho Lam are rivals. Roger Kwok has a big chance at taking TV King again with this role. In terms of love, he will continue a relationship with Joey Meng, but this time, they have to go through a lot of obstacles, and has to fight with strong love rival played by Bob.

    Shocking bed scene

    Joey Meng's character is very extreme, one side - she is like a quail, the other - she is very bad tempered. In the drama, she dates her childhood friend, Bob, set up by her mother (played by Mimi Chu). Until Roger appears and encourages her, she overcomes her psychological barriers for "oranges", and allowed her to understand herself and think about who she really loves. Afterwards, Bob falls in love with Siu Bo, Roger and Joey start dating, and after numerous obstacles, they have their happy ending. However, a "third party", Akina Hong, comes between them, and raises a red light in their marriage. In the end, they save their marriage with secret weapon, Liza Wang.

    Also, Bob (who has a Kim Jong Un look) and Siu Bo will play a pair. Their images are hilarious, and the two create a lot of comedic moments in the drama, especially the two's shocking bed scene, definitely a scene that will make the audience roar with laughter.

    Wong Cho Lam "gives up his love" for Louis Cheung

    Wong Cho Lam's character in the drama is completely different compared to "Inbound Troubles". This time, he will play an vulgar rich kid, who wants his father (played by Wu Feng)'s fortune. He bullies supermarket and TV station's employees, very rude and unlikable. He also created a new "cousin accent", which many praised him for his "language ability".

    Other than deleting his own scenes and letting other characters show their talent, he even gave up "his love", Ivana Wong (from Inbound Troubles) to Louis Cheung, letting the two continue their "fate" from before. However, Cho Lam is not lonely in this drama either, as he has Siu Yee (guest star), who plays the richest family in Hong Kong, which will lead to a lot of jokes. Cho Lam said: "Actually, I really wanted to make the drama similar to the classic "All's Well, Ends Well", where there isn't really one main character. I am confident "Come On, Cousin" can do it." Ivana Wong and Louis Cheung play two characters that use Wong Cho Lam and Mary Hon to enter the entertainment industry, but their fates are entirely different. Ivana Wong's career flies high, while Louis Cheung's career gets worse and worse. He even gets ridiculed by Wong Cho Lam, who makes him film a drama and dies 7 times in one day. Wong Cho Lam laughed saying the one in the drama who stands out most must be Louis Cheung, as he strips the most in the drama.

    Ram Tsang, "Meeting now, Need we have known each other before"

    "Inbound Troubles" had a plot specially revolved around Ivana Wong's song "I Really Got Hurt. This time, Wong Cho Lam used Ram Tsang as a secret weapon, using Ram and Rita Carpio's classic song "Meeting now, Need we have known each other before". He uses Ram's story to say how people often fail in the music industry. In the drama, Ram plays a musician in dire strain who has to work at a funeral, Cho Lam said: "I've always admired Ram Tsang. I think he is just missing a representative role. Ram Tsang is one of the drama's hilarious parts."

    Besides this, the drama also has many guest stars, including Liza Wang, Kenneth Ma, Johnson Lee, Eric Kwok, Grace Yip, Hanjin, Kay Tse, etc. Most of he guest stars all appear in the plot that is related to the TV station, so they will play themselves.
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    Wong Jing "unfriends" Anthony Wong, Chapman To and Denise Ho due to Occupy Central opinions

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Oct 17 2014, 12:29 AM
    Source: The Sun/MingPao
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Wong Jing "unfriends" Anthony Wong, Chapman To and Denise Ho due to Occupy Central opinions

    Hong Kong director, Wong Jing, who has always been "open" and straightforward with his opinions, posted a post about supporting the police regarding the "Occupy Central" protests, attracting criticisms from netizens. Immune to criticisms, he easily retorted back to them. Yesterday, he suddenly announced that he would "unfriend" the "Occupy Central Fortune Buddies", Anthony Wong, Chapman To and Denise Ho, angrily deleting their phone numbers and said they are not friends anymore!

    Wong Jing announced on Weibo that he would be drawing the line with Anthony Wong, Chapman To and Denise Ho. Although he had happy times cooperating with them, but from today onwards, he will no longer contact them! The day before that, Wong Jing wrote a post on Weibo, supporting the police: "I still support the police! They are doing their job, yet you pour urine on them? No resentment even if you are beaten to death! I think you weren't beaten enough!" ("You" is directed at the person who was pouring urine on officers) After this, many netizens followed this and left comments scolding him. Although netizens left extreme comments, but Wong Jing handled them all, and even replied some comments retorting back at them.

    "Hope he has a good sex life"

    After a "war" with netizens, yesterday afternoon, Wong Jing posted again, this time announcing that he will be drawing lines with the "Occupy Central Fortune Buddies", Anthony Wong, Chapman To and Denise Ho, who have been expressing their support for Occupy Central, and heavily criticizing those that were against the movement. He also deleted their contact details: "Mr. Anthony Wong, Mr. Chapman To, Ms. Denise Ho, we once had delightful collaborations. I also respect that you can have your own political insistence, but I definitely do not agree. In consideration of any awkwardness, your contact details will be deleted from my cell phone and computer. Wish you a happy life!" Once this was posted, netizens started commenting again. Other than saying they would stop watching his movies, they even put his deceased father, Wong Tin Lam on the table. His Weibo even reached first place on Weibo search after that.

    Regarding being "unfriended", Chapman To criticized Wong Jing, and returned his blessings, wishing him a happy sex life: "I don't see him criticizing Chow Yun Fat. Nick Cheung and Chow Yun Fat, who filmed Wong Jing's "From Vegas to Macau 2" also expressed support for the students (that are occupying Central), but he didn't break ties off with them... He probably has a lot of pressure about the box office for his movie in Mainland China! Everyone's position is different, I mainly target the local industry, while he does business in the Mainland too. Of course he can't be as free as me! Haha! I understand him. Hope his film sells well! His personality...I really understand him, whatever! Haha, I wish him a happy sex life!" Yesterday, through SMS, Anthony Wong expressed that he honestly does not believe it: "Did you guys personally asked Jing Gor yet? From the Jing Gor that I know, he doesn't seem like he would say that. It is not necessary. If he said it, then he would talk about Fat Gor (Chow Yun Fat) too! Plus, I don't think Denise Ho has cooperated with him before. I do not have his e-mail either. There are a lot of suspicious points." After Anthony Wong found out that it really was said by Wong Jing, he replied: "Everyone has different decisions, they have their freedom. (You guys used to always talk about topics regarding society?) No, we talk about filming movies and making jokes, we have an OK relationship. (Contact him to speak about this?) No need! Just like different religions, there is no need to explain. (Regretful?) I think it's a bit childish, his actions this time are really unlike the Wong Jing I know! If he wants to delete, then delete. He said he wanted to avoid awkwardness, saying it out is even more awkward now!"

    Afterwards, Anthony Wong retorted back on Facebook: "Thank you for looking after me all these years, I can't believe you still have my phone number! You even kept the e-mail account that I've already cancelled for 10 years, I am really touched. I don't even have your phone number after all these years, so shameful....." Denise Ho also wrote on Facebook, saying she doesn't even have Wong Jing's phone number: "We don't even keep contact in private! Why would he have my phone number? Either he purposely asked someone for my number, entered it and deleted it, or he might have just unfriended my manager.... Can't believe everyone thinks I'm important, thank you...."

    Thinks their comments are too extreme

    Facing the "comebacks" of the "Occupy Central Fortune Buddies", yesterday, Wong Jing expressed through phone and SMS that he would not cooperate with the three again, and honestly stated that he already expected to be attacked: "Chapman To previously posted that those who are against the Occupy Central movement is not his friend, I am definitely against Occupy Central. (Chapman wishes you a happy sex life?) I will not respond! I am not picking on anyone, just saying my opinion. (Why are you only breaking off ties with them? Is it because their comments are too extreme?) Yes! Many artistes do not want the students to get hurt, nor do I! But some people don't even know what is happening. Someone is always not in Hong Kong, the things (he/she) say are misleading. (Anthony Wong didn't believe you said you wouldn't cooperate again.) Not responding!"

    **To avoid any political wars/debates, this topic will remain closed for comments. Thank you.
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