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    Movie Version of Line Walker: Nick Cheung used his gun to point at Louis Koo

    Posted By:  R.E.D @ Jun 27 2016, 11:28 AM
    Source: Asia E-News
    Images: On.cc

    Costume fitting photos of movie version "Line Walker" starring Louis Koo, Charmaine Sheh, Nick Cheung and Francis Ng were released a few days ago. Louis and Nick were brothers but Nick used his gun to point at Louis when both were suspecting if one of them was undercover.

    When mentioned about testing their brotherly ties scene, Louis disclosed that there was no fear when Nick pointed his gun at him but he needed to show his nervousness and pretend to remain calm at the same time, while Nick was enjoying the moment.

    As for Francis, he acted as a responsible and cool CIB, and looked cool in his role image photo. Charmaine will continue to act as an undercover while, Benz Hui requested to have a second life in the movie. Looks like there will be a high suspense in the movie.
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    Bobby Au Yeung will wear a bikini for high ratings

    Posted By:  R.E.D @ Jun 27 2016, 04:55 AM
    Source: Asia E-News
    Images: MingPao

    Bobby Au Yeung, Bowie Wu/Sau Gor, Law Lan, and Mandy Wong, with 50 other artistes attended "TVB Amazing Summer" press conference today. Many TVB siusangs and fadans have left in the recent years, the scene is not as grand as before, but luckily Bobby is still there to hold the fort. Eric Tsang also filmed a video to announce that he will be hosting a new gameshow "I Love Hong Kong", which will soon be broadcast.

    Speaking of Bobby holding the fort, Bobby modestly said: "No, Sau Gor is still here, how is it my turn now? As Sau Gor is my god, Law Lan is my goddess."He have confidence that the TV ratings of new TVB series, "House of Spirits" will do well, he said "People often say, whether we win or lose, we have to count on Bobby, but this time we have Bowie watching over us." Asked if he will be battling with his new series, he said: "Where is the battle? Is someone attacking us? We just want to provide the best to the audience." Bobby smilingly said if the ratings are ideal, he will wear a bikini and have a winter swim. So he hopes the TV ratings for the series will reach at least 30 points.
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    BIGBANGís Craziest, Most Memorable Hairstyles Over The Years

    Posted By:  R.E.D @ Jun 26 2016, 04:49 AM
    Source: Soompi

    BIGBANG has been known to have some of the craziest hairstyles we can imagine. Some we love and others leaving us scratching our heads. Here are a bunch of hairstyles from all the members of the group.


    This perm reminds me of a grandmaís hairstyle.

    This actually seems like a person with two faces. One of a woman, the other of a man. He looks so much better without the bangs.

    I personally love pink. Itís my all-time favorite color. This isnít the worst look on him but it isnít the best. But hey, you know what they say, ďReal men wear pink.Ē

    So pretty! So angelic! Just like My Little Pony. My favorite colors all in one hairstyle.


    I always wonder how much hairspray is needed for something like this. He looks exactly like those ancient greek warriors back in the day

    This is the first time Iíve ever seen a hairstyle like this. Itís different and funky. Letís just hope it isnít painful like a scorpion because thatís all I see.

    Another one Iím not totally fond of. Itís almost like the previous one but a little more settled, which is better. The bling bling is doing it though.


    The younger T.O.P. The boy next door. Still good looking.


    The comedian of the group. Heís like a burst of sunshine. He doesnít have as many memorable hairstyles as others. It seems heís always stuck to one
    hairstyle, and it works for him.

    Green makes him look like a totally different person. This is the most extreme hairstyle Iíve ever seen him in; it doesnít even look like him.


    The maknae of the group! He always kids around and plays jokes on his members. I couldnít think of any crazy hairstyles from him. But hereís one just so we can see his cute face!
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    Myolie Wu sang "Someone Like You" in Transboundary Singer, received good feedback

    Posted By:  R.E.D @ Jun 23 2016, 11:54 AM
    Source: MingPao
    Youtube: Appledaily
    Translated by : R.E.D @ http://asianuniverse.net/

    Myolie Wu recently took part in Beijing's TV singing programme "Transboundary Singer" as a contestant. Dressed in an elegant deep V black outfit, she sang Adele's famous song (Someone Like You). After 30 second of her singing, one of the judges Eric Moo reacted with an "O" shape mouth and said "Ha". The other judge Kay Huang pointed out that Myolie used the wrong technique to sing this song and she also lacked of emotion. Despite all that and after discussion among all the judges, they decided to let Myolie go on stage.

    After Myolie's performance, she received lots of applause by the audience. The judges were also pleased with her performance. When asked by one of the judges what she was thinking when she was singing, Myolie replied "I am a strong believer in "love", therefore I understand this song. Although this is a sad song, I sang it in a positive manner. It is sad that you have gone, but I will wait for my Mr Right to come along". Some netizens associated Myolie with her ex-lover Bosco Wong, they reckoned the song was meant for him.

    Early yesterday morning, Myolie posted in weibo, thanking everyone for their support. She revealed that she was in fact very nervous on stage "The first time when I faced the judges, my heart nearly jumped out from my mouth. I often feel I perform better in rehearsal then live show, but this is my problem. Maybe that is why I haven't produced new song anymore".
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    Sisley Choi exposed herself accidentally and admitted she did not make safety precautions

    Posted By:  R.E.D @ Jun 23 2016, 10:37 AM
    Source: Asian E-News
    Youtube/images: On.cc

    Sisley Choi, Lawrence Ng, Selena Li and others attended the promotion event for TVB series "Presumed Accidents" in Tsuen Wan the other day. Sisley wore a high slit dress and accidentally exposed herself while playing games. Winki Lai removed her shoes as well.

    Subsequently, Sisley and Lawrence accepted the interview and when asked if she was worried about exposing herself as she was wearing sexily, Sisley said "Do not expect that would happen while we play exciting games. (Makes safety precaution?) Nope but okay." However, Lawrence disclosed he was exposed instead: "It exposes my muscles." Mentioning about Sisley and him were father and daughter relationship instead of lovers, Lawrence replied they purposely gave wrong impression to the audiences. When asked if it was a pity not to act as couple, Sisley said "It is better as we are closer."

    When mentioned about Selena Li remarked that newcomers such as Sisley deserved more opportunities, Sisley clarified that they got along well "We have been filming series happily and her words make me very happy. (Does not feel she treats you as newcomer?) Same rumours have been circulating and nothing is true."
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