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    "The Empress of China" records high ratings; Mall offers high price to organize a finale night

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Yesterday, 05:57 PM
    Source: Oriental Daily
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    "The Empress of China" records high ratings; Mall offers high price to organize a finale night

    TVB's currently airing outsourced drama, "The Empress of China", starring Mainland actress Fan Bing Bing has peaked in ratings. The ratings for the drama on Tuesday night reached 32 PTS. Yesterday, TVB announced that the finale for the drama next month will be two hours long, and they have already sent a proposal to Fan Bing Bing and Aarif Lee, hoping to invite them to Hong Kong to support the finale event. One of the malls has expressed their willingness to be the venue for the finale broadcast event at a high price; however their only request is that the three leads, Fan Bing Bing, Jerry Li (both having recently announced their relationship) and Aarif Lee appear together. TVB believes the chance isn't very high, but they will try their best to schedule with the actors.

    TVB's prime time dramas this week have recorded good results. On Monday night, sitcom "Come Home Love" recorded 26 PTS, peaking at 27 PTS, while new drama "Master of Destiny" had a good opening episode, recording 26 PTS and peaking at 29 PTS. As for "The Empress of China", the story is heading to its climax now, and the ratings are also raising with it. Both on Monday and Tuesday, the drama has broken its records. On Monday night, the drama recorded 29 PTS and peaked at 31 PTS. The day after, Tuesday's broadcast of Episode 57 recorded a new ratings record (for the drama), peaking at 32 PTS, with more than 2,040,000 viewers tuned in. It has become the episode with the highest rating so far since the broadcast of the drama. Yesterday, TVB Communications Deputy Director, Tsang Sing Ming led other TVB artistes such as Erin Wong, Katherine Ho, Lee Yee Man, etc. to promote the drama. At the event, he announced that the finale on the 12th of next month will be 2 hours.

    At netizens' requests, TVB has already sent a proposal to leads, Fan Bing Bing and Aarif Lee to come to Hong Kong for the finale night. One of the malls would like to take advantage of the drama's success, and has approached TVB to organize a event for citizens to watch the finale together; even offering a good fee. However, the only condition is the request for Fan Bing Bing, Jerry Li and Aarif Lee to appear together. Tsang Sing Ming expressed that the chance is not very high: "They are so popular, and there are only two weeks until the finale. The time is very short, so it's not quite possible. Can only leave it to fate, but the mall's proposal is quite a good gimmick."
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    JJ Lin’s LINE chat with mystery woman exposed

    Posted By:  wendy @ Jun 27 2015, 10:43 PM
    Credit: Toggle

    JJ Lin’s LINE chat with mystery woman exposed

    After Singapore singer JJ Lin was spotted with a mystery woman rumoured to be his girlfriend last week, someone who claimed to be friends with the woman in question exposed a screenshot of their conversation yesterday, stirring up speculations about an ambiguous relationship between JJ and the 21-year-old university student.

    From the chat log, there was a line that read: “My wrist watch is in your bathroom,” revealing that the woman had stayed at his house before, including other parts of the conversation which showed that she even celebrated her 21st birthday there.

    After this, the mystery woman responded by saying that the screenshot was posted up by her friend without her permission. When asked about whether or not she is angry with her friend for doing this, she replied, “I’m just worried about whether JJ will be affected or hurt, but I also feel that this needs to be clarified.”

    She continued to say that she is still friends with him even after this incident. On the other hand, JJ’s agency said that they will not respond to this matter.

    JJ and his rumoured girlfriend were spotted at a beef noodle restaurant last Monday. When JJ realised that they were being photographed, he left the restaurant after paying the bill. However, the both of them emphasised that they are just friends.
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    Could Show Luo be proposing at the end of the year?

    Posted By:  wendy @ Jun 27 2015, 10:33 PM
    Credit: Toggle

    Could Show Luo be proposing at the end of the year?

    Rumour has it that Taiwanese actor-singer Show Luo will be going down on one knee at the end of the year.

    Hong Kong Apple Daily reported on Sunday that it all began when Show was questioned at the airport in Taoyuan last Saturday about whether he could be preparing for a marriage soon, to which he gave an “okay” hand sign and replied, “30 years old”. After he was teased about being way past that age (he is 35 this year), he laughed a little and made his exit.

    According to reports, Chinese blogger girlfriend Grace is obedient, sensible, comes from an affluent family and has studied abroad before. The 26-year-old even has the approval of Show’s mother who dotes on her only son and might have unintentionally pressured him into wanting to propose to Grace soon.

    Also, it is said that Grace is not a possessive girlfriend who gets jealous easily and if a group of close friends wanted to go out with him for a karaoke session at night, she’d say, “It’s fine, tonight will be a boys night out for you!”

    Even before the announcement of his relationship with Grace, Show has been toying with the idea of settling down, much to the surprise of friends who thought he’d remain a bachelor. It was reported that he even asked his friends, “If I were to get married, would you come?”

    Additionally, a few more rumours claimed that Show and Grace have been dating each other for as long as three years and that they even broke up and got back together a few times due to conflicts, which is the reason why they cherish each other so much now.

    Another rumour even claimed that Show chose to reveal his affair because he was inspired by Jay Chou’s recent wedding, and judging from his past relationships of girls who all ended up leaving him, he finally decided to treasure his current girlfriend.

    His representative responded to the rumours, saying that Show will be concentrating on his work for now and that he would keep his fans updated on this matter.
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    Official statement by SM regarding Sulli’s withdrawal from f(x); Sulli hints at upcoming marriage with engagement ring?

    Posted By:  wendy @ Jun 27 2015, 10:21 PM
    Source: TV Report, Daily Sports and MBN
    Credit: koreaboo, koreaboo

    Official statement by SM Entertainment regarding Sulli’s withdrawal from f(x)

    Soon after giving an initial statement regarding the reports of Sulli withdrawing from f(x), SM Entertainment has come out with their official statement.

    On June 25th, SM Entertainment told TV Report, “Nothing’s been decided on the matter of her leaving the group. Her future activity as well as f(x)’s will need to be very careful.”

    Earlier in the day, reports of Sulli leaving the girl group to focus on her acting under SM Entertainment – as her contract was still ongoing – began taking over news websites with further statements that f(x) would now be focusing on their September comeback as a four-member group.

    Since her personal hiatus in the summer of 2014 soon after f(x)’s comeback with “Red Light,” Sulli has not been seen publicly until March when she slowly began returning to the public’s eyes through various photoshoots.

    Victoria, Amber, Luna, and Krystal have been focusing on personal activities since their “Red Light” promotions were prematurely cut short last year.

    Sulli hints at upcoming marriage with engagement ring?

    New photos of Sulli has surfaced online revealing her hanging out at in Seoul, but what caught Netizens eyes is the ring on her finger.

    The photos are spreading like wildfire on SNS and various online communities, where a thread was posted titled “Photos from Sulli’s private Instagram”.

    In one photo, Sulli is seen in red shorts and white shirt stretching as she looks up with one arm resting on her hips.

    However, in a second photo, Sulli is seen with minimal makeup on as she gives a beautiful smile at the camera, with a shiny ring on her ring finger. In the third photo in which she wears a flower necklace around her neck, she is seen showing off the ring to another person.

    Many netizens speculate that this is the reason why Sulli has not been active in f(x) as she devoted herself to her known boyfriend Choiza of Dynamic Duo.

    Just on June 25th, a media portal broke the news that Sulli would be leaving the girl group and focus on her acting career instead as she was still under contract with her agency. However, SM Entertainment released an official statement saying, “Nothing’s been decided on the matter of her leaving the group. Her future activity as well as f(x)’s will need to be very careful.”

    Currently, f(x) is said to be preparing for a comeback scheduled for September.

    Netizens reacted to the story comparing her to Jessica and criticizing her and Choiza:

    [+5,214 / -385] She’s on the same level as Jessica

    [+4,529 / -103] Oh look it’s a wedding ring with Choiza

    [+3,511 / -95] She’s asking for criticism

    [+3,006 / -84] The rings for her and Choiza ㅋ
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    Kevin Cheng admits he and Grace Chan are currently dating

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Jun 26 2015, 03:43 PM
    Source: Apple Daily
    Photos: on.cc
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Kevin Cheng admits he and Grace Chan are currently dating

    To protect their images, artistes usually keep their relationships at low-profile. Kevin Cheng, who has been in the industry for 22 years, has always done the same. From his debut till now, there have been many girls surrounding him. Although he has dated Linda Wong, Niki Chow and Charmaine Sheh in the past, he had always been very low-profile about the relationships in front of the media. However, who knew that this time, having only dated Grace Chan for 4 months, he has changed his ways.

    Kevin Cheng and 2013 Miss Hong Kong Champion, Grace Chan, were exposed to have sparked a relationship for 2 months because of TVB drama "Blue Veins", back in April. Although the two were photographed together several times, they had always denied this 21 year gap "father-daughter" relationship. The day before, Kevin attended the blessing ceremony for new Mainland drama "Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi" in Hengdian. Many reporters asked about his relationship with Grace Chan. He was all smiles, and finally admitted the two are dating: "Recently, the phrase I've been saying the most is "Hope you give us some space." I think it's a very normal thing (dating), and, we are indeed dating, thank you for everyone's concern. I've said it many times, I'm not a reality show, nor is there some kind of development, but everytime, it seems like I have to announce and report to everyone. So, please just give us some more space, thank you everyone."

    As Kevin unprecedentedly announced their relationship, a reporter asked whether "good news" (marriage) is near? Kevin replied: "Let's talk about this topic later. This thing, you can't rush it. That's not something that's going to happen just because I say it, it's mutual. Not something that you just say and it will happen." Another reporter asked: "Do you mean now that you guys are together, she has more control?" Kevin quickly denied: "Don't be like that, I didn't say that. I'm just saying that some thing, there needs to be respect for each other. We need to see whether we are suitable, then we'll talk about it."

    Grace Chan: "Our minds are in sync"

    Regarding Kevin Cheng admitting the two are dating, Grace Chan was asked about this when she attended a function in Tseung Kwan O last night. In the beginning, she said: "I don't know how to answer. We have been interacting and going on dates." She thought for a bit, and said: "Yes, after going on dates, we understood each other a lot more, and I understand what kind of person he is. But this is still a private matter, hope everyone can give us some space." She also denied her father got angry about the news of her spending the night at Kevin Cheng's house on Father's Day: "Daddy's response was just to protect me. He understand our relationship. Dating is a very normal thing, don't need to discuss it out in the open." As for her boyfriend openly admitting their relationship this time, she replied: "We talked about it. Our minds are in sync. Thank you for everyone's care and concern."

    Actually, this past Wednesday was Grace Chan's 24th birthday, and Kevin was seen standing next to Grace in a group photo. Their boyfriend-girlfriend relationship seemed to be quite evident already. Previously, there was also reports that while Grace was working in Paris, Kevin even flew to Paris to accompany her, and pre-celebrated her birthday. The two spent a romantic 5 day 4 nights vacation.

    For her boyfriend, Grace Chan even spent the night at Kevin's home in Tai Hang on Father's Day, the day they came back to Hong Kong, instead of celebrating with her father. As for last night's event, Kevin's ex-girlfriend, Charmaine Sheh was absent due to sickness, Grace said: “Not wanting to see me may not be the reason why Ah Sheh is absent. Hope she recovers soon!"

    Kevin's interview with reporters:

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