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    Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong get back together; spotted together in Faye's Beijing home

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Yesterday, 10:31 PM
    Source: ETToday / GigaCircle
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Pic of the pair back during 2001-2003 relationship

    Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong get back together; spotted together in Faye's Beijing home

    Celebrity Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong are currently both divorced and are single again. Although the pair had broken for many years already, in many people's eyes they are still a perfect match. There were many times where there were rumours of them getting back together. Recently, the two were finally photographed together, even kissing in Faye Wong's house in Beijing, creating a big shock in the entertainment industry.

    According to a Mainland media outlet, Sohu Entertainment, Nicholas Tse was photographed in a car with Faye Wong heading back to her home on the 15th, and even stayed at her house for 4 days, not even taking one step outside. He was seen during his stay, both of them interacted like they were very much in love, like a couple that just started. Other than personally cooking for Faye, photographers were even able to capture the two kissing.

    The report said, that at the time, Faye was lying on the bed playing with her phone, while talking to Nicholas who was sitting on the bed. During the conversation, it seemed like the two talked about some happy things. Faye even raised her feet and acted sweetly to Nic; in the end, the two ended up getting closer and closer and ended up in a passionate kiss. Also, when he was sitting by himself by the window, she went up to him to talk, and in the middle, give him a light kiss.

    Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse are 11 years apart. From the beginning till the end of their relationship, they were always the centre of attention. Other than the fact that the two's ages are far apart, back then, Faye was also a hit as a female singer while Nicholas was only known as a famous playboy in the entertainment industry. In the end, the relationship ended in November 2003, until today, after breaking up for 11 years, did they get back together, making many supporters of their relationship incredibly excited and happy.

    Video: Footage of the two in Faye's apartment:

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    Gigi Leung and Aimee Chan both announce their 3 month pregnancies at event

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Yesterday, 06:24 PM
    Source: Apple Daily
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    Gigi Leung and Aimee Chan both announce their 3 month pregnancies at event

    The good news of babies have been non-stop in the entertainment industry lately! After Ronald Cheng and his wife, Sammie Yu and Michael Tse and his wife, Tina announcing their good news, yesterday, there were double happy announcements. Yesterday night, when Gigi Leung and Aimee Chan attended a jewelry function in Central, both of them announced that they were pregnant for 3 and a half months. When both pregnant ladies saw each other, they shook hands and congratulated each other. But Gigi, who wore a tight dress last night, had an obvious baby bump, winning Aimee in the spotlight.

    38 year old Gigi Leung and Spanish husband, Sergio successfully got pregnant after getting married in 2011. In July, Apple Daily reported that Gigi and her husband successfully got pregnant when they went on vacation in America, but because the pregnancy did not reach 3 months yet, Gigi did not announce the good news. Until yesterday, the first time that Gigi appeared at a public even after her pregnancy rumours, did she finally admit that she is pregnant for 3 and half months. Aimee Chan, who was also at the event, also announced that she is pregnant with her second child.

    Will stay in Hong Kong to give birth; Mother will take care of her

    Yesterday night, Gigi wore two inch high heels and a pink tight dress to the event. Although she and Aimee are both pregnant for three and a half months, but Gigi's stomach was evidently a lot bigger. Regarding this, Gigi laughed: "My mom said it's very big too. Perhaps the baby absorbed the water to protect (him/her)self." How is she feeling, being pregnant? Gigi said: "Nervous. It's my first time, so I don't know anything. My mom taught me a lot. We did an ultrasound, we don't know its gender yet. We don't mind. My husband wants a girl, he thinks she stick to us more. What I think is that if its a girl, then she can take on my accessories and bags." If it's a daughter, will you go for a son afterwards? She immediately replied: "That's too far away, I am grateful right now. We've been disappointed before (meaning they had been trying, but no success). After going on vacation, I was more relaxed. After being back for three weeks, then we found out I was pregnant. I didn't know at first and even did a concert and danced." Gigi expressed she doesn't know whether the pregnancy was successfuly in America. Asked where she will give birth, she said: "In Hong Kong, because my mom can take care of me." Any morning sickness? Gigi said: "I always throw up, it's hard for me to eat right now. My husband puts a lot of effort in cooking for me, but when I see it, I throw up and tell him sorry." Gigi stated that she cannot eat meat or oily food, mainly eating white rice, seaweed and a carton of chocolate milk each day. Gigi laughed: "My co-workers said I should be careful the baby will be dark when he/she is born!" (Because of the chocolate milk) Gigi, who gained 6-7 pounds also said: "It's miraculous, I read a book and it says that by now the baby has grown ears already, so we always talk to the baby now. Even before 3 months, we would tell the baby to keep it up and keep going on. Now that it's been 3 months, we're more relaxed. My husband will stick to the baby bump and talk to him/her. I sing to the baby, and talk to him/her in all languages (that she knows)."

    Aimee's second pregnancy was planned

    33 year old Aimee Chan had just given birth to her son, Aiden Chan last December. Surprisingly, with Aiden only 9 months old, Aimee is already pregnant with her second child! Yesterday, Aimee wore a dress that revealed her shoulders, and 4 inch high heels to the event. Talking about her second pregnancy, she laughed: "Yes, don't know if it's a boy or girl yet, it's been three and a half months. Really excited. I've always wanted two children who are around the same age. They will be more close if their ages are close." Aimee expressed she doesn't mind if it's a boy or girl. Asked if two children is enough? She said: "We'll see if we can handle it. We will think about it later on." Previously, Aimee had hurt her hand due to carrying the baby a lot, she revealed that she is not fully recovered: "After the first experience, I will be careful now and know what to do. Right now, taking baths, feeding, changing diapers are all done by me again. I hope it will be the same with the second baby, so I need to protect my hand."

    Does Moses have to work harder to earn money now? Aimee said: "He's working hard, and so am I." Now that she is pregnant, will she stop working? She said: "I will do events, just like before. I really like acting, it's not my personality to give up working. Right now, I've put down acting for a little bit, and take care of the important family stuff first." Aimee expressed that this time's pregnancy was planned. Right now, she still has pregnancy reactions, plus she has to take care of Aiden, so it's even harder. Asked if she feels that she took Gigi's thunder (as it was already known Gigi would announce her pregnancy at the event)? Aimee replied: "Both of us are pregnant, it's double happiness." Reporters joked asking whether Moses doesn't want his wife to film dramas, so purposely getting her pregnant. Aimee stated: "He's always been supportive of me working, I've never planned on not filming." Speaking of Moses getting fatter these days, Aimee laughed: "He's getting fatter with me! I don't think he got fatter, he's still very handsome. He is still perfect in my eyes." Yesterday, reporters called to congratulate Moses Chan. He said thank you through WhatsApp.
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    TVB Ratings Report (09/08/2014 - 09/14/2014)

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Sep 18 2014, 10:21 PM
    Source: Wacow @ Blog163
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net

    TVB Ratings Report (09/08/2014 - 09/14/2014)

    Line Walker - 使徒行者 (EPS 11-15) - 27 PTS (Peaking at 31 PTS)

    All That Is Bitter Is Sweet - 大藥坊 (EPS 1-5) - 23 PTS (Peaking at 28 PTS)

    Come Home Love - 愛.回家 (EPS 595-604) - 24 PTS

    Shades of Life - 我們的天空 (EP 08) - 17 PTS

    Variety Shows
    Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk - SUNDAY扮嘢王 - 24 PTS

    Queen Feast - 女皇的盛宴 - 21 PTS

    Scoop - 東張西望 - 20 PTS

    Street Sorcerors 2 - 街頭魔法王2 - 17 PTS

    (Nielsen TAM: 1 point represents 64,920 viewers)

    Related News:
    - All That Is Bitter Is Sweet premiered on MidAutumn's Festival, which affected their ratings. Their first episode only garnered an average of 18 PTS due to the holiday.

    - The Communications Authority Bureau received 2 complaints on "All That Is Bitter Is Sweet"; many scenes with rats in the show which made viewers uncomfortable
    - "Line Walker" received 4 complaints, saying the drama has quite a lot of violent gun shooting and bomb scenes, way past the PG rating.
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    After 8 years of marriage, Michael Tse finally becomes a father

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Sep 18 2014, 08:57 PM
    Source: Apple Daily
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    After 8 years of marriage, Michael Tse finally becomes a father

    Michael Tse, who is 47 years old this year, has been married to his wife, Tina for 8 years. According to sources, the couple finally successfully got pregnant, and the baby will be born next spring. Yesterday, the newspaper reporter called Michael to confirm the news. At first, he was hesitant and said: "Umm...." But in the end, he was unable to resist his happiness and personally admitted: "Yes, pregnant for more than 10 weeks now. Don't want to say yet, you can see how I've been low-key about it, because the elderly in the family said they don't want to be so high-profile about it yet."

    Avoided talking about wife doing artificial insemination

    Previously, there were reports saying that Tina's pregnancy chances were low because her fallopian tube is blocked. It was rumoured that Tina had tried artificial insemination twice before, but unfortunately failed. Asked if this time it was a success through artificial insemination? Michael said: "Don't listen to the magazines. The bottom line is I will not say anything yet. My family wants to wait until the baby is a little older, because at 10+ weeks, it is not stable yet. When (the pregnancy) is more stable then we will tell everyone. You can see that I didn't even post (the news) on Weibo, the most important thing is to wait for the pregnancy to be more stable."

    Asked about his wife's condition? Michael said: "There is bound to be morning sickness for sure, but not too serious." Asked if he has stopped working to take care of his wife? He said: "Of course not, I need to earn more milk powder money. I always do chores, and definitely need to do them now even more. It is not good for her to climb up and down being pregnant. We like both boys and girls, we don't have a preference."

    Gigi Leung will personally announce her pregnancy tomorrow

    In other news, Gigi Leung, who is also going through her first pregnancy, was photographed with a baby bump. It is estimated that she is pregnant 4 months already. Previously, she and her Spanish husband, Sergio, went on a date to Cyberport with their dog. Her husband carefully held onto her. Gigi, who is 38 years old this year, rejected three movies to rest and prepare for the baby. Tomorrow, she will attend and function and personally announce the good news.
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    "Line Walker" peaks at 33 PTS on Monday's episode during Typhoon Kalmaegi

    Posted By:  Chloe.C @ Sep 17 2014, 08:48 PM
    Source: The Sun / KuangaiTVB
    Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

    "Line Walker" peaks at 33 PTS for Monday's episode during Typhoon Kalmaegi

    The story of TVB drama "Line Walker" is moving faster and faster. The passionate kissing scene between Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh will be broadcasted this week! Apparently, when Charmaine had to film the kissing scene, her old injury with her tailbone relapsed. She had to wear heels for the scene and turn her body for the shot. In the scene, Raymond pulls Charmaine to him and kisses her. This warm, loving scene also leads into a few jokes.

    "Line Walker" announced good ratings results, as Monday's episode peaked at 33 PTS, and averaged at 32 PTS. The drama is also the drama with the highest rating (in an episode) up till now. Benz Hui, Samantha Ko and Oscar Leung celebrated the success with champagne at Tseung Kwan O TVB City yesterday. On Monday night, there was a typhoon, which helped the ratings peak at 33 PTS. Samantha joked saying she will need to do a rain dance and hope for another typhoon. She also revealed that there will be more injuries and deaths as the story progresses. Netizens have commented that Oscar Leung's acting in the show is just like 7-time film king, Nick Cheung. He laughed saying he realized that he is very funny when he is drunk, so he purposely used those elements and put it in his character. Benz Hui's acting received a lot of acknowledgement, asked if he hopes to get the Best Supporting Actor award with this character? He said: "Nah! Leave (the award) for the younger ones!" Regarding reports of Kwong Chor Fai diagnosed with cancer, Benz, who had cooperated with him before, expressed that he does not know about it: "No wonder he looks so much skinnier in photos! I will give him a call and give my respects!"

    Tuesday's episode also did quite well, averaging 30 PTS and peaked at 32 PTS.
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